Egypt- Must Visit Place

Egypt also named as Arab Republic of Egypt and is a transcontinental country situated in North Africa. Egypt is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea towards north, Gaza Strip and Israel towards northeast, Red Sea to the East and Sudan to South and Libya in the West.

sphinx - Egypt- Must Visit Place

Egypt - Egypt- Must Visit Place

When the tourist visit Egypt there is lot to see and enjoy. Egypt is a place a person would love to visit now and then and might be the favorite tourist destination for many.

It is said adventure in Egypt never ends. There is lot to see in Egypt. To mention a few are listed here:

  • Cairo: It is the capital of Egypt and also the largest city of Africa. Cairo means “the victorious city”. It is located on banks of River Nile. Al-Azhar Park which was opened in 2005 is a famous tourist spot. This landscape has been transformed to a beautiful landscape with the help of collecting garbage which had been on the mountain from centuries. Simonds a century-old French style café has a charm still. It is worth having a coffee at least over here. Cairo is the starting point for a traditional Egypt tour. The city is full of minarets which are teaming with life and many other tourist attractions as well. Well-known Great Pyramids and Sphinx are located on the Giza Plateau which is on the outskirts of the city. This is an amazing sight in respect to its history.
  • Luxor: It is located in the Upper Egypt and is world’s biggest open air museum. Luxor also has a temple which was built by the New Kingdom Pharaoh Amenophis III. It is spectacular and splendid temple. The Mummification Museum is another very famous tourist spot and a lot of information can be gathered about mummies and also the process of mummification from this beautiful museum. This museum has mummified reptiles and birds as well apart from humans. The temples of Kanark are another striking tourist attraction.
  • Aswan: Aswan is the third largest city in Egypt and is located on the foot of Nile Valley. In Aswan we have wonderful camel rides and also cruise along the River Nile. There are a world’s biggest dams and also man made dams on Lake Nasser. Swimming is another popular tourist activity over here. The Aga Khan Mausoleum which is located on the top of the West Bank. Aga Khan was a leader of Ismael sect.
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When to visit Egypt?

The best time to go to Egypt is from October till April especially if you are more likely to visit Egypt’s historical sites like Pyramids of Giza, The Temples of Luxor and Abu Simbel.

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