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Italy is not complete without eating delicious cuisine in Italy. The food customs here are varied through the peninsula, but there are some items that are widely accepted all over the world. Here are some of the Italian food culture that is accepted all over the country.

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Meal Time

The timings of the meal is important. Lunch is served around 1.00 P.M and the dinner around 8.00 P.M. In northern Italy, it can be a bit earlier and a little later in the south, but you can’t dream of eating at 4.00, the restaurant kitchen remain closes until the dinner time.

Italian Food Menu

A complete food menu is comprised of anti pasto, primo, secondo, contorno, dolce, frutta e formaggi. Nobody is capable enough of such a feat on the ordinary day. Most of the meals are comprised of two courses a primo i.e. a pasta or a rice and secondo i.e. a meat or a fish and a contorno i.e. a side dish.

What’s more?Dishes will be served in a different plate, so don’t mix the same.


Then the salad is considered as the side dish, and in case you order the same as a starter dish, then the request will be ignored.

Fruit and Cheese

Meals are closed with the cheese and the fresh fruits, often cheeses and the coffee.


Cappuccino is generally served at the time of breakfast and never at the end of meal. If you can’t resist the impulse of ruining a good meal with the milk, ask for the caffe macchiato coffee with just a single drop of milk. It is considered as a good alternative to the cappuccino.

Drinking Milk

Drinking milk at the time of lunch or dinner is unheard, it kills of whatever you are dining and the relationship with the waiter.


The only acceptable drinks during the meal are wine, mineral water and beer, for kids one can go for sodas.

No Cheese on the Seafood

Don’t sprinkle or grate cheese on the seafood or on the fish. The strong cheese flavor would reduce the seafood aroma. Try the same at your own risk, most of the restaurants will decline the responsibility over the results.


Most of the Italian start with this soffritto. It is made of onion, carrot and celery that is finely cut and lightly fried in the olive oil.

Italy is a dream destination for foodies. But to enjoy most of the vacation you need to spend at least a week or so. Amidst all these things, don’t forget to add pizza in your diet. Its what the Italy is famous for.

Go, ahead and book villa in Italy and get the best cuisines and the facilities from all across the globe because you’re worth it.

Pizza Margherita- This pizza was made in 1899 when the Queen Marghererta visited the Naples to escape to the cholera epidemic in the north of the Italy. The ingredients used to make this pizza is tomatoes, mozzarella chesse and basil, imitate the colors of the Italian flag.

Pizza Marinara- This is a kind of traditional Neapolitan pizza that has loads of oregano, anchovies and lots of garlic.

Pizza Alla Napoletana- It consists of tomatoes, mozzarella and anchovies.

Pizza Capricciosa- This is a kind of topping of mushrooms, artichoke hearts and olives.

Pizza Pugliese- It makes the usage of the local capers and the olives of the area.It is topped with the tomato, mozzarella and onions.

Pizza Veronese- It has loads of mushrooms and tender Proscuitto crudo.

Pizza from Sicily- It has numerous toppings that range from olives, sea food eggs and peas.

Tour to Italy would be incomplete in case you don’t eat pizza. But before that you need to understand you need to learn what Italy is all about this place is famous for Mediterranean lifestyle through out the world. Sitting outside the beautiful weather, food, delicious wine and gazing at unsurpassable countryside, it has to be everyone’s idea of paradise. This destination is dream turned reality. To make the most of the vacation, you need to

Book the hotels well in advance

Check out the facilities

Read the travel itinerary fully well

Make sure that you get best of both the worlds

Last but definitely not the least; it should be well within your budget

Thus, Italy is a nation where there are a lot of food customs and they vary throughout the peninsula, but there is consensus regarding some of the rules of Italian food culture. The pizza and pasta is the food that is accepted all across the world.

So, it is in your best interest to select Italy as the holiday destination. It’ll make your trip lively and exciting and thus you’ll get what you deserve for.


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