Ferrara Balloons Festival, The Largest Balloon Festival In Europe

Ferrara Balloons Festival

Ferrara Balloons Festival - Ferrara Balloons Festival, The Largest Balloon Festival In Europe

Ferrara Balloons Festival is one of the largest hot air balloon festival in Europe, attended by over 40 Italian and foreign crews with their colorful balloons. From 7 to 16 September 2012, ten days of fun and magic in the skies of Ferrara and the Po Delta from Bassani magnificent city park, overlooking the Medieval walls of the city. Organized by the Province and the City of Ferrar to the Festival is also a great Air Village, the true heart of the event, more and more full of attractions and with many new features to entertain their guests.

The special shapes are representative of the various countries: in previous years, to name a few, Canada came up with the T-Rex, a tyrannosaurus 37 meters high with a tail, driven by Ernst Lee, the Netherlands with a giant peacock governed by Aart Jan Troost, and Austria with Apfeldorf, an apple aerostatic built in Puch, a small town united in Ferrara for the cultivation of this fruit, thanks to pilots flying Heidrun Prosch and Gerhard Rottinger respectively record woman and Austrian champion of the flight balloon. From England landed Ferrara Bertie Bassett, Cadbury candy company mascot as tall as a building of eight floors, piloted by Andy Kaye, and was present with a balloon-shaped logo Aston Martin, Orange & JFK came from Germany, the orange Europe’s largest and the American flag, assigned to pilot Harry Roland, returning from Austria, Germany, Belgium and France Werner Koppelmayr with Tony the Tiger, Peter Arndt with Jaegermeister, Marc Verhelst with Clown Mauriske, Bruno Vincent Revellion. Every year guarantee on the surprise!

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Also this year the Giants will compete in air races and distance tracking, a show acceptable to the public event, sponsored by the Ministries of Education, University and Research and National Heritage and Culture. Viewers can watch the inflation of the balloon, a ritual of great beauty, and experience the thrill of boarding the ball early in the morning and in the evening, the two best times to take off safely.

Do not miss the evening of the weekend the famous Night Glow, with illuminated balloons that will dance in the sky, following the rhythm of music: an unforgettable spectacle

And possible to book free flights paid with the drivers in the race and bound flights of balloons anchored to the ground unable to get up to 25 meters, a height from which to admire and photograph a landscape of great beauty. Among the novelties of 2009 is a major initiative reported sensitivity desired by the Cassa di Ferrara and addressed the guests by special needs who may participate in free flight taking advantage of a basket specially equipped.

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