Florentia Village in Wuqing, China

Florentia Village

Florentia Village - Florentia Village in Wuqing, China

For those who do not know, for about one year in China, you can “enjoy” a corner of Italy, of course, a copy of the original of italian house, which was named Florentia Village. It is a commercial operation, but that is not dedicated only to Florence, but the made in Italy: Florence is very popular in China and his name is now synonymous with Italian!.

This kind of outlet is located in the town of Wuqing, China, a village that is just between the cities of Tianjin and Beijing, and allows visitors the most “authentic” Italian shopping experience without having to visit Italy for strength. Recall, however, that the Chinese are not new to attempts to clone a city or a European village. There had in fact spoken long ago of a perfect and illegal reproduction of a famous Austrian village!.

The “Village of Florence” was created to offer the Chinese, and not only great prices on many of the most luxurious Italian brands. The entire Florentia Village is a large complex of fourteen acres, with even a copy of the Grand Canal and a fake Colosseum, whose arches allow entry to more stores. The channel to simulate the Venetian Grand Canal, through the heart and moving through the Outlet stores scattered on its banks, and steps you can admire views very similar to those seen in Venice.

Contrary to what you might think, however, we are not faced with a simple rip-off of an Italian reality: the Florentia Village, opened in June 2011 was actually just created by an Italian company, Hydea, which has transformed what first was an expanse of wheat fields, in the reproduction of the town of Florence and beyond. Hydea is a leading architectural and engineering specializes in recreating authentic European atmosphere. Since many people in the upper middle-class Chinese were interested in the original world brands, which could only be found in Europe, or in the best stores in Beijing and Shanghai, Hydea had decided that a little taste of Italy should be brought to them, making them save a long and expensive trip.

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To do this breathtaking buildings that can be seen in Florence have been studied, copied and transferred and perfectly integrated into the Asian culture: even if you do not see the true historical value of the stores that can be admired in Italy, Florentia Village will still try the feeling of walking through the shopping streets in Florence, finding the same goods and stretched signatures.

Obviously the experience of Italian shopping in China is also completed by a typical Mediterranean cuisine, and have to say that those who are in the territory of China some day, may not disdain to take a break after the overdose of Chinese restaurants! The popularity of Florentia Village is still growing, and this mini Italy is receiving visitors from all over the world. Obviously there are the best brands, Florence Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Emilio Pucci, as well as other famous brands such as Prada, which is located on the reproduction of the famous street of Via de Tornabuoni.

However, in addition to buy clothes that are already available in Italy, Florentia Village does not have much more to offer, if not its likelihood p acchiana with the Bel Paese. It can therefore be an idea, if your holiday in China requires a fun break to savor food taste more familiar, and to bring a smile to friends, signaling yet another case of copying a European reality by enterprising Chinese people.

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