Guide To Cappadocia, What To See And What To Know In Turkey


Cappadocia - Guide To Cappadocia, What To See And What To Know In Turkey

Cappadocia is located in the heart of Turkey and is included within the area bounded to the east of Kayseri, from Aksaray to the west, north and south from Hacibektas Niğde. It was once the heart of the Hittite empire, then became an independent kingdom and, finally, a Roman province. It’s now one of the most famous of the country, with its surreal, almost lunar landscapes, historic sites, the geological wonders, its picturesque villages and towns rich in traditions. Compared to the eastern and southern coast, the accommodations are more stylish, you will also find picturesque rock-cut pensions, boutique hotels and great restaurants.

You will be shocked by the suggestive forms carved in volcanic tuff brittle erosion by water and natural huge chimneys (the famous fairy chimneys), and stone mushrooms, deep valleys and gentle slopes, with cave-houses scattered here and there. The light reflected on these forms, then, creates spectacular effects, with shades from bright white to mustard, to red brick, with the snowy peak of Mount Argeo background.

The goal of the most magical Cappadocia Göreme Open Air Museum and its. The town itself is attractive, since it lies between the volcanic tuff cones and pinnacles and crags honeycomb, surrounded by vineyards, are also interesting old houses that wind through labyrinthine cobbled streets, in the south-western the village. The Göreme Open Air Museum, in an elevated position approximately 1 km from town, is a destination not to miss World Heritage Site. You will find numerous churches, chapels and monasteries carved into the rock, to name but a few, the Church of the Apple (Elmali Kilise), the Church or Church of the Snake Onofrio), the extraordinary Dark Church (Karanlik Kilise), the Church of Sandals (Carikli Kilise), the Church of the Buckle (Tokali Kilise), the Church of the Evil Eye (El Nazar Kilize) and Hidden Church (Sakli Kilise).

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Not far from Göreme, Urgup and Uçhisar countries are still authentic and stylish accommodation for tourists. Further east, in Kayseri can visit many Seljuk monuments (mosques, tombs, palaces of queens and princesses, museums).

Other places are spectacular and mysterious underground cities of Cappadocia, dating back some 4000 years ago, with their tunnels stretching in every direction, holes and windows between the rooms, kitchens, stables, wells. The best known are the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli. The first is a maze of tunnels and rooms carved into the rock on eight levels. The second is characterized by extra space and is distributed on seven floors. To realize the depth, once you look up at the bottom, in the ventilation shafts are the places definitely not recommended for those suffering from claustrophobia. Other cities are those of secondary underground Özlüce and finally Güzelyurt and Ozkonak, near Avanos.

Continuing your journey, well worth a visit Ihlara Valley along the winding, beautiful and wild places once a place of retreat of Byzantine monks, to witness this, the valley is dotted with numerous ancient stone churches. The walks can be short, about half a day (concentrated in the area of the main churches), or a whole day. The advice is to complete the tour, an experience that will remain in your memory as one of the best of the holiday, both to visit the ruins that for the untouched nature where you plunge. On the way to the Ihlara Valley, is also worth visiting the village of Güzelyurt, characterized by stone houses, cave dwellings and churches, a mosque and underground cities carved into the rock. Also pass through the Valley of the Monasteries, a sort of miniature Ilhara, and go to the Old City. The snow-capped Mount Hasan in the background make the landscape even more impressive. Finally, visit the National Park Daglar Wing, with its waterfalls and the spectacular Seven Lakes (Yedigöller), which protects the central part of the Taurus mountains. Trekking enthusiasts will get their teeth, make you better though accompanied by local guides, at very honest.

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