Hawaii-An Unusual Place

Hawaii located in US is made entirely of islands. It lies in the North and is a part of Polynesia which occupies most of an archipelago in central Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii - Hawaii-An Unusual Place


Hawaiian Monk Seal - Hawaii-An Unusual Place

Hawaii is renowned for assorted natural scenery, warm tropical climate and also has bountiful of beautiful beaches surrounding oceans and many active volcanoes making it an eminent destination for tourists, surfers, biologists and volcanologists.

Tourist’s spots in Hawaii

  • Waimea Canyon, Kauai: Itis thelargest canyon in Pacific which is 3600 feet deep, 10 miles long and a mile wide. The Canyon has colored inner walls which create a remarkable view in the sunlight. The Canyon also has deep lines inside due to volcanic eruptions and lava flows.
  • Waikki, Oahu: It is the gathering place for the world. Duke’s Canoe Club or RumFire in the Sheraton Waikki is a great place for live music and drinks. One can shop at Waikki Beach Walk. Hilton Waikki Beach serves best pancakes in Hawaii and the night life is amazing at this place. Oahu is also Hawaii’s most populated island. Arizona Memorial and Iolani Palace are other famous historical sites. Polynesian Culture could also be learnt at Polynesian Cultural Center. Waikki also well known for its beaches, the tourists can surf the beaches. Ehukaj Beach is another famous beach where many surfing competitions are also held. To name other beaches in Oahu are Waimea Beach and Sunset Beach.
  • Maui: Maui is an island and is a famous tourist attraction as well. Most of the tourists from Maui drive the road to Hana. The drive is a day long and during the drive tourists can see many waterfalls and natural pools as well. Haleakala is another tourist attraction. The top of Halekala stands above the clouds and looks like floating peak. Watching sunrise from this top is stunning to look at. Snorkeling and diving are also famous activities available at Maui.
  • Big Island: Big Island’s major fascination is Kilauea. Tourists visit Volcanoes National Park and can also gather the knowledge on where the lava is flowing that day and can also observe orange glow of lava. Another attraction is Kealakekua Bay where one can enjoy snorkeling cruise or can also rent a kayak. Dolphins are another tourist charm.
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When to visit Hawaii?

Hawaii is crowded during mid-December to mid-April, therefore if planning to make a trip to Hawaii early reservations is the key. As Hawaii lies at the edge of the tropical zone it has two climates summer and winter. Rainy Season can be annoying to many therefore a well-planned trip can avoid being paying a hefty amount towards the travel.

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