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The Lutheran Cathedral Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital of the country of Finland and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the continent of Europe. It is famous for its music and its history and there are very good accommodation destinations here for the use of tourists. It is famous for its scenic beauty and amazing gourmet dining destinations. Helsinki is also well known for its cultural events.

The Lutheran Cathedral
The Lutheran Cathedral Helsinki 300x200 - Helsinki Tourist Attractions
The Lutheran Cathedral in the Finnish capital city of Helsinki ranks as one of its most well known tourist locations and it was constructed sometime during the protestant movement in Europe, that is about four or five hundred years ago. The church is one that is characterized by a tranquil environment and it opens from nine in the morning and remains open until six in the evening. There are no entry fees to be paid on the part of travelers.

St John’s Church

This is another well known travel destination in the city of Helsinki and is situated right in the heart of the city. The St John’s Church is built in the Romanesque architectural style and is a catholic church. Donations are accepted and need to be made into a donation box that is kept at the back of the church. The church features a number of exquisite paintings, most of which date to the period of the renaissance.

Helsinki City Museum

The Helsinki City Museum is a place that you can visit if you are interested in knowing about the history and the culture of the city as well as of the surrounding areas. The Helsinki City Museum contains exhibits that provide visitors with important information about the history of the city right from the time that it came into existence, in the medieval period right up to the present day. Visitors cannot take their cameras into the museum.

Open Air Museum

This is a popular travel attraction in the city of Helsinki and is one of its kind. Visitors can view the various exhibits of the museum walking about in the open air. The museum is characterized by beautiful gardens at the front and the back, both of which have statues in them. Travelers can take pictures in the outdoors and there are no restrictions on photography over here. The entry fee is quite minimal and can be afforded by most people who visit this destination.

Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium is a famous destination that you can visit when you reach the city of Helsinki in the country of Finland. This is a place that has been hosting the Olympic tournaments for a good number of years now and is a massive structure that is exceptionally well maintained. Tourists are allowed inside the stadium in Helsinki upon the payment of an entry fee. The best time to visit the museum would be between ten to twelve in the morning, when it is comparatively empty and can be explored quite well.

Other Places to Visit in Helsinki

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