Holiday In Salento: The Most Beautiful Beaches In The Heel Of Italy


Salento - Holiday In Salento: The Most Beautiful Beaches In The Heel Of Italy

Puglia is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, perfect for those who spend their holidays at sea between the beaches of sand, rock and dive to discover the beautiful sea caves. Washed by the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, the region boasts nearly 900 km of coastline. This allows a great variety of landscapes and natural environments where it is easy to find your perfect beach. Long beaches with fine sand, silver, crystal clear seas and clear waters make all the Apulia a very Caribbean.

Trait the union between the two seas is the resort of Santa Maria di Leuca, which is located on the southernmost point of the Salento Peninsula and the whole. From here, on the Ionian side, going towards the north are the beautiful dunes Pescoluse, characterized by natural vegetation and the Lido Marini, a small town with a strong impact on tourism that ensures all activities and services necessary for those who stay. Just slightly above the famous Lido’s long beach of Torre San Giovanni , distinguished mainly by the special board tower that dominates the coastline. In the middle of the Ionian coast of Gallipoli is that, with its striking tip of   Swine and   Green Bay, is one of the main tourist centers of Salento .

Porto Cesareo is instead the location further north along the Ionian coast, has an important tourist facility and is home to the Marine Protected Area. In the southern part of Adriatic coast, heading north, is Ciolo, town of Gagliano famous for the deep gorge of the canyon called Ciolo. Going up the coast are at two other locations during the summer is full of tourists: Port Miggiano and Castro Marina. At Porto Cesareo, but on the Adriatic coast, is the beautiful Bear Tower, for transparency and cleanliness of the sea, has won numerous awards of national importance.

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