Honeymoon In Thailand: Ideas On What To Do And Where To Go

Honeymoon In Thailand

Honeymoon In Thailand - Honeymoon In Thailand: Ideas On What To Do And Where To Go

Thailand is a popular destination among couples on honeymoon and it is easy to see why: it’s romantic, exotic, offers plenty of destinations to discover in it and is a destination that balances very well the relationship cost-quality. Beyond the moments of intimacy, in Thailand it is easy to get groped by the many activities and excursions throughout the country offers. The newlyweds will also have the opportunity to also get to know better, are in fact plenty of opportunities to discover new interests and try to share experiences.

Thailand is a beautiful paradise where the couple will feel at home right from the start. This land is rich in ancient and mystical beaches framed by palm forests, green mountains shrouded in fog in the morning, archaeological ruins of past civilizations, not to mention the capital Bangkok, where past and present mingle, creating a very particular style. Thailand is also known for its food and a fun way to start married life would be to attend a Thai cooking class at one of the cooking schools in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui or Phuket. The newlyweds will alternate in the kitchen, while also learning the delicate art of carving fruit or discovering a variety of regional recipes.

The capital Bangkok, founded in 1782, houses more than 400 temples and other historical buildings, located near the Chao Praya River: The Royal Grand Palace and Wat Po are painted gold and decorated with precious porcelain and glass. Do not miss the ancient capital of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai , Unesco World Heritage Site: These sites offer a peace and spirituality rarely found in modern life. Many Khmer ruins scattered over the countryside, especially in the north-east region of the I-san. For a romantic getaway, away from the crowds, the sites visited less of the sanctuaries of Prasat Mueang Singh, Pimai Phranom Rung and bring the newlyweds in a magical world and lost.

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In a country that has thousands of kilometers of coastline, the sea is certainly the most popular destination. One idea would be to take a cruise sailing between many small islands and untouched marine parks, spending their days enjoying the view before swimming in the company of curious marine animals and relax on the beaches of Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui , for name a few. An appointment to a Thai Spa is truly an unforgettable experience to eliminate all stress and fatigue and recover fitness and inner well-being, thanks to a special package for honeymooners. These oases of well-being are located in every corner of the country and offer a wide choice of treatments.

Lie on the beach or relax in a spa, however, may not be the kind of honeymoon perfect for everyone. Some couples prefer to have an adventure in direct contact with nature and Thailand also offers this: full of mountains, forests, valleys and rivers, there is no better place to live for a honeymoon banner of strong emotions. The spouses may choose rafting or kayaking, rent a mountain bike or trekking to explore caves and waterfalls, and closer to the ancient tribes who inhabit the mountains.

One of the most exciting experiences that you can live the thrill of discovering the underwater world of Thailand : surrounded by turquoise waters and pristine, Similan and Surin islands are considered among the most important dive sites in the world. Whether you practice snorkeling or you soak in the deep ocean, it will be difficult to spot fish from the colors of the rainbow. Swim with the turtles, play with dolphins and see up close the magnificent whale sharks, which inhabit these waters particularly between November and March, are experiences you never forget.

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