Hurricane Isaac To New Orleans, Advised To Travel in Southern USA

Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac - Hurricane Isaac To New Orleans, Advised To Travel in Southern USA

The end of summer and early autumn, as many seasoned travelers know, is the period less suitable for a holiday in the Caribbean, since the end of August and October the seas reach higher temperatures, which increase considerably the risk of formation of tropical storms and hurricanes unfortunately. News of these hours is the formation of a massive tropical storm, named Isaac, one is likely to become a hurricane when you move inside the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and then impacting southern coasts of the United States of America, pointing to New Orleans, with a trajectory similar to the infamous Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana in 2005.

Tropical Storm Isaac, which caused few casualties in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, has just touched southern Florida, especially the islands of archipelago of the Keys, where he hit with winds of around 100 km / h and heavy rainfall, causing some flooding and a number of black-out. Forecasts, however, leave some quiet, with the storm that will change at this time in a hurricane of at least Category 2 before impact in a stretch of coast between the coasts of Louisiana and those of eastern Florida Northwest. But you know with hurricanes there are no absolutes if not a little before the event.

For those traveling in the south of the USA is good to know that the impact of Isaac on the coasts of Louisiana and Florida is scheduled for Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, so it is best to avoid visiting these areas, especially the areas around in New Orleans. The National Hurricane Center issued a hurricane warning for a large swath of the northern coast of the Gulf from east of Morgan City, Louisiana, and includes the New Orleans area to the city of Destin, Florida (A) Category 2 hurricane can have twenty between 153 and 176 km/h.

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The governors of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida have declared a state of emergency, although fortunately Isaac seems to be a younger brother of Katrina, which crashed on American shores with a category 5, killing 1,800 people and severe damage in the city of New Orleans. To prevent environmental damage, however, the oil companies have secured platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, and began the evacuation of workers before the arrival of Hurricane Isaac.

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