Jakarta, Tour To The Metropolis City In Indonesia


Jakarta - Jakarta, Tour To The Metropolis City In Indonesia

Jakarta, is the capital of Indonesia. Its a cosmopolitan city full of contrasts, confirming the national motto “Unity in Diversity” varied cultures and ethnic cities mix of tradition and modernity, poverty and wealth in a city overwhelming development that has become a metropolis. It ‘s the largest city, polluted, chaotic and congested Indonesia, but do not give up to discover it will not disappoint you and will give you truly enchanting corners and unforgettable emotions.

One of these views not to be missed is the Sunda Kelapa in the early morning, the old harbor of Jakarta, founded in the early sixteenth century, when sailing ships sail fabulous, one of the most beautiful and exciting throughout south-east Asia. Continue your walk to the traditional fish market, the Pasar Ikan at the mouth of the Ciliwung river: you will get lost in the crowd of screaming and bright colors. Another characteristic of the market is volatile, Pasar Burung: you can buy a thousand different tropical birds accompanied by their songs. Another neighborhood to visit is the old town Batavia, with its eighteenth-century houses and streets that represent the influences of various architectures of the people who have settled in the past. Also interesting are the Gereja Sion, the oldest church in Jakarta, and the Portuguese Baroque church, built in the late seventeenth century to the Portuguese-speaking population of Batavia.

Continue exploring the city with a visit to the modern Parliament Javanese, Jalan Gatot Subroto, and the monument Soekarno – Hatta, which commemorates the first President of the country and the Vice-President who declared independence. Also noteworthy is the imaginative Monas, the National Monument in Merdeka Square, a marble obelisk 137 meters high. In the south of the city, do not miss Condet, a protected area where it is preserved the old rural way of life in Jakarta.

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There are then a number of museums rather interesting, some of which leased inside historic buildings. For example, the Old Town Hall (1627) houses the Historical Museum of Jakarta, depicting the history of Indonesian and Dutch colonial period through old maps, antique porcelain. The Central Museum, the Gedung Gajah or “Elephant Building” provides ethnographic and archaeological, prehistoric and historic in general, with collections of Indonesian and Han Dynasties, Tang and Ming, also numismatic coins, clothing, tools, instruments and art representations of different ethnic groups in Indonesia. A entire section is devoted to religions.

The TIM (Taman Ismail Marzuki) Art Center is the focal point of cultural activities in Jakarta, the biggest of its kind in South-East Asia, with theaters, exhibition halls, a planetarium, an art and much more, are held regular exhibitions and events of all kinds, both Indonesian and Western, from concerts of modern music or gamelan, to film screenings, readings of poetry. You should also visit the zoo, located in the suburb of Ragunan, south of the city, where you will be able to see up close species typical of this part of the world: first of all, the great lizards of Comodo and orangutans.

Another tourist attraction is the Taman Mini, the theme park Indonesia in Miniature. This open-air museum reproduces the variety of cultures and architectural forms that can be found in the various islands that are part of Indonesia. Here you can also visit the Museum of Indonesia, which exhibits contemporary art, artifacts and costumes from different provinces. Again, here is one of the most beautiful parks of orchids in Indonesia. Other theme park is that of Jaya Ancol Dreamland amusement with swimming pools, aquariums, ponds, clubs and restaurants and the nearby Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy), which will guide you on a fantastic journey across continents and imagination and their characteristics typical architecture.

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The most important events are the celebrations of the founding of Jakarta, June 22, and the celebrations of the Independence Day, August 17.

The international airport of Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta is the core of domestic flights and busiest of all Indonesia. The ferry network is extensive and the city is very well connected to Singapore and the islands of the Bay of Jakarta, true paradises on earth, with beaches and sea dream, far from the chaos of the city. To move around the country, keep in mind that the roads are not in good condition and the traffic is almost completely ignored by the Javanese, a factor that will make it difficult to travel by car. Privileged then public transport, including buses and trains: there are all kinds, from overcrowded and slow to relatively efficient. Consider possibly rent a car with driver, or move in a taxi.

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