Kelecung Beach With A Big Wave In Bali

Kelecung Beach

Kelecung Beach In Bali - Kelecung Beach With A Big Wave In Bali

Bali region as an area protection and defense of the Gods, of course, has a natural beauty like the garden of paradise where the Gods lived. Celestial gods were manifest in Bali as its manifestation. So the people of Bali should be grateful for the gift given Sang Hyang Widhi where all the natural beauty of everyone’s eyes widened afford visitors.

Main Attractions

One of the heavenly beauty of it is Kelecung Coast. What exactly is the main attraction of this beach Kelecung? Among them are the big waves that have become favorites of foreign tourists, especially tourists whose hobby is surfing or swimming. The big waves would become its own charm and advantages that will suck a lot of tourists to come to this beach.

In addition to having the big waves, black sand beach also Kelecung shines when exposed to a beam of sunlight. The beach is so beautiful, so beautiful, exotic, especially combined with the views of the terraced rice fields stretching as far as the eye could see the view. Likewise, the atmosphere of the beach is so beautiful and add a cozy atmosphere make visitors feel at home anyone.

Why Kelecung?. In keeping with its location at the Banjar Kelecung so as to make it easier to remember the name of this region is appended to the name of the area in the name of this beach. Beginning Kelecung beach is famous because of its natural state is still beautiful, so no outside investors interested in buying land around the beach and is to be built accommodation facilities. The people who inhabit this region have largely subsistence farmers, so do not be surprised if a lot of mapped fields.

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Where is the location?

Kelecung beach in the village of Tegal Mengkeb, Selemadeg District, approximately 26 km from Tabanan City.

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