Klimt 2012: For Special Exhibitions In Vienna

Klimt 2012

Klimt 20121 - Klimt 2012: For Special Exhibitions In Vienna

Maybe the year of the end of the world, this 2012 Mayan prophecy began under inauspicious, It is certainly the year of the famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, if still alive, the next 14 July would have celebrated his 150th birthday. Such a date could not pass unnoticed, and so here is a series of events illuminate Vienna throughout 2012, to celebrate the life and works of the great exponent of the “Vienna Secession”.

Born in Baumgarten in Austria, Klimt spent most of his life in Vienna where he produced most of his major works, including the famous “Kiss” became the icon is more representative of his art, though certainly not his only masterpiece to be remembered in this special year. In fact this 2012 will be celebrated in at least 8 museums in the capital of Austria.

A key point of the route passes by Klimt 2012 Belvedere, which has the biggest collection of the painter, as well as counts among its own jewels “Der Kuss” kiss the famous Klimt, a large oil on canvas, because it measures 180 x 180 cm. Up to 4 March, the Belvedere will host a thematic exhibition, called “Gustav Klimt / Josef Hoffmann, the Pioneers of Modernism”.

The Valentine’s Day the attention of art enthusiasts will travel to the Kunsthistorisches Museum, from February 14, plus 13 artist’s early works, you can see up close that the painter executed the frescoes to decorate the walls of the grand staircase of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. This inserts a kind of bridge that crosses the entire staircase allowing you to enjoy a short distance from the cycle of paintings themed ancient egypt and rome ancient, which are normally 12 meters in height above the entrance halls of the museum. More information: Kunsthistorisches Museum

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Then on February 24 the flow of travelers Klimt fans will stop at MusuemsQuartier of Vienna, and more specifically to the Leopold Museum, which just celebrated its first 10 years of life. In addition to works by Klimt already present in the museum, like the famous “Life and Death” until the end of August there will be the exhibition “Klimt Persönlich “and that “Personally, Klimt, photos and letters insights.” Among the various objects you can see the artist’s personal, including some written correspondence with his great friend Emilie Floge. More indormazioni: Leopold Museum

Do not miss the Albertina, a wonderful research center for the work of Gustav Klimt as an artist, which will put most of the works from his collection of 170 pieces, to create a show that can give an unprecedented overview of all the artist’s stylistic phases. The event called Klimt – Drawings will be inaugurated on March 14 and will remain open until June 10. Official event: Albertina Museum

Starting from 10 May to 29 October, Klimt’s admirers will head to Österreichisches Theatermuseum (The Austrian Theatre Museum) where it will display the exhibition: “Gegen Klimt. Die “Nuda Veritas und ihr Verteidiger Hermann Bahr” (Against Klimt. The “Nude Veritas” and his supporter Hermann Bahr). Despite the title the author was an avid supporter of Gustav klimt and defended by strong controversy that involved artists of the Viennese Secession.

Then at the Wien Museum Karlsplatz Trasferiamoci: Klimt will be held here from May 16 which will be held for exactly four months the thematic exhibition “Klimt. The Collection of the Museum of Vienna.” This is the first time the entire collection of Klimt’s Vienna Museum will be exhibited to the public, including some 400 sketches.

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From July, and more specifically from day 6 until September 2, 2012 will enable the exhibition “Klimt und das Künstlerhaus”, which will take place precisely in the Künstlerhaus, the House of Artists in Vienna , recalling that the artist was a member of home for 6 years.

Recall also that the district is Vienna-Hietzing Klimt Villa, the studio where the artist worked, and will be reopened to restoration, presubilmente the end of summer 2012. Finally, if you are not yet satisfied the works of Klimt, remember that the MAK-Austrian Museum of applied arts has a collection of nine drawings by Gustav Klimt while at the Museum für Volkskunde of Vienna (Museum of Ethnology) will be held from 24 May to 14 October an exhibition of fabrics that had been collected by Emilie Flöge, the great friend of Gustav, and thus indirectly linked to the same Klimt paintings.

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