Koh Samui- An Enduring Tourist Destination

If you want to take a break from daily life, go ahead and visit Koh Samui. It is an island situated at the East coast of Kra Isthmus in Thailand.  It is situated close to the mainland island near Phuket, with an area of 228.7km. This place has abundant natural resources, sandy beeches, coral reefs and the coconut trees. Here are some must visit tourist destination

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This place is not all about theme parks and hi tech attraction, it is beyond that.


Places to Explore

Ang Thong National Park– Once this place was a home of group of travelers who permanently dropped out of the society. Now, they’ve moved to Koh Pha Ngan, but this place remains stunning as ever.

The jungle is shrouded by a variety of wildlife like langurs and macaques. Other than that one can view spectacular rock formation, secret caves and hidden lagoons.

Aquarium and Tiger Zoo– Both aquarium and tiger zoo has majority of the Thailand’s favorites both above and below the water. You can explore a lot of coral fish, catfish and a variety of sharks including Leopard and Black Tips on zoo parrots, sea hawks, eagles, hornbills and otters will make you feel enchanted. You can click the photos with the tiger worth 100 baht per person with your own camera or you can borrow polaroid camera of zoo worth 200 baht. The money goes to the Tiger Foundation to serve you well.

Big Buddha– On the northern coast of Koh Samui, you’ll locate Big Buddha Shrine. It is probably the most recognized landmark, 12 meter high golden Buddha shrine can be seen several kilometers away.

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The surrounding temple has different shrines or smaller ornate buddhas. There is also a small market that sells a wide range of lucky charm items along with the numerous food stalls.

Buddha Footprints– Although the footprints are difficult to find, yet its well putting effort to get there. It is located on a hilltop shrine near the Butterfly garden, there are in fact four footprints engraved on top of each other. After you stroll down to 163 steps to the top you’ll be rewarded with the amazing views of the island.

Goddess Zhao Mei Guan Im– It is relatively new Chinese temple just over 30 years old. It is a single building adorned with colorful paintings that tell stories of Zhao Mei Guan Im. In this temple, pay particular attention to the painting on the stone altar that is just to right of the temple building.

Best Time to Visit

Although Koh Samui has a tropical monsoon climate, but in months of October and November heaviest precipitation is witnessed. So, avoid visiting this place in October and November.



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