Kolkatta- a must visit destination

Kolkatta is an eminent destination that is perfect to visit. Here are some places that is worth visiting in around Kolkatta.

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It is a flourishing trade town that was dominated by early years of British rule, Murshidabad is a must visit destination. It is located on the banks of the Bhagirathi. The place is a home to the Hazarduari- or a palace of 1000 doors. The place has been transformed into a museum that houses memorabilia associated with Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah. Here you can visit Nimak Haram Deori or traitor’s gate where the Nawab was assassinated.

How to get there- You can take train from Calcutta to Berhampore and then hop on a bus for Murshidabad.


To get a glimpse of 18th century, visit Antpur in Hooghly district. It was built by zamindar Krishnaram Mitra, the temples include the one that id dedicated to Jaleshwar, Baneshwar, Fulleshwar and Gangadraw. The main attraction here is the Radha Govind temple that has covered courtyard and terracotta panels.

How to get- Buses are readily available from Calcutta

Bansberia- On the temple, you can easily catch the shrines that is dedicated to Ananta Vasudev and Hanseshwari in Bansberia. The Hanseshwari temple deserves special mention for its architectural grandeur. It has 13 lotus bud shaped minars and its inner precincts follow the design of the human anatomy.

How to get there- Buses are readily available from Calcutta


It is a factory town situated in Hooghly. Bandel was once a Portugese settlement. The Portugese church here is must visit destination. It is the oldest church in West Benegal, dating back to 1599. The church and monastery was destroyed in the year 1640 and again it was rebuilt twenty years later.

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How to get there- Trains are readily available from Calcutta

Shantiniketan- It is the traditional school founded by eminent poet Rabindranath Tagore, Shantiniketan is a place that satiates the artist in every tourist. The Uttrayan Complex is a place where Rabindranath Tagore lived. This place has famous museum and art gallery. You can also visit Vishwa Vharati University- a center of international studies.

How to get there- Trains and buses are readily available from Calcutta. The nearest railway station is Bolpu.

Party goers

Calcutta is not only a visual treat for art travelers, but it is also meant for party goers who have song on their minds, and spring in their steps and of course money in their wallets. Kolkatta nightspots are a great place to unwind and chances are there that you won’t like to get back to home.


The Park Hotel,17, Park Street, Kolkatta

Tantra is the latest addition to the party-goers in Calcutta. It has a large dance floor and is perfect for some wild partying. The Onyx Bar proffers good selection of wine and beer, but the best place to check out is the Bodhi Bar. The latter, however is open to members, so it helps to be connected. –

Someplace Else

The Park Hotel, 17, Park Street, Kolkatta

Someplace is under the similar roof as Tantra, but this place appeals to the more relaxed pub hoper. Here you can wind to some music, shake legs without bumping against too many people and get filled with contemporary cuisine. Someplace Else has been a part of Calcutta party circuit for some time and for a whole now the city party-goers swear by it.

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ITC Hotel Sonar Bangla Sheraton and Towers, 1 JBS Haldane Avenue, Opp Science City, Kolkatta 700046

If you are searching for some old world charm, Dublin is the place to head for. There’s something about Irish-Pub appeal of Dublin that warms the cockles of your heart and it is definitely just the beer. Dublin doesn’t offer by way of wild partying, but the dance floor is the good place to let down your hair in.

The Big Ben

The Kenilworth Best Western Hotel,1-2, Little Russell Street, Kolkatta 700071

This pub throws in some of the vibrant music and it is the must visit for traveler who like to unwind the city for a long time.

Sunset Bar

Lytton Hotel, 14, Sudder Street, Kolkatta 700016

The ambience of the Sunset Bar, as the name states is mellow. But don’t take it by appearances- chances are that you’ll easily find the best liquors and cocktails within the walls of this bar. The sunset bar remains open before and after sunset, and the cozy environment are the perfect place to relax.

olkata is easy to access by air, rail or road. In fact, if you’re on an extended vacation in India, and are planning to get to Calcutta from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you can even take the ship from the islands to Kolkata.

How to reach to Kolkatta

Air Links to Kolkatta- This place is well connected by air to all major countries in the world, as well to the Indian cities. The air carriers that have flights to and from the city includes Aeroflot, Air France, Air India, Japan Airlines, KLM-Royal Dutch Airways, Dutch Airlines, Royal Nepal Airlines, Singapore

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