Kyoto-A Children Friendly Destination

Kyoto is a city located in the central part of island of Honshu in Japan. It was former capital of Japan and presently is the capital of Kyoto Prefecture. Kyoto is an awesome city to visit. Kyoto is well known for its temples, parks, bustling business districts and markets. Kyoto is one of the oldest and renowned of Asian metropolises.

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Kyoto was the capital of Japan in 8th century and is known for the temples and its culture. There are remains of many temples and shrines in Kyoto which were built during this period. There are as many as seventeen historic sites which are inscribed as World Cultural Heritage Sites.

Places worth visiting in Kyoto

  • Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum: The museum is popular with the kids of age from 2 to 10. The Museum has the traces of history of the Japanese Railway which started in the late nineteenth century and has approximately 18 steam engines on display.
  • Kinkaku-ji Temple: Kinkaku-ji temple also known as Kinkaku or the golden pavilion. The temple faces Kyoko-chi pond. You can see the reflection of the pavilion into the water of the pond as well as islets and trees intertwine into a splendor and generate serene atmosphere. The temple signifies a blend of traditional aristocratic culture and new samurai culture. The Garden is labeled as national exceptional historic site and national distinctive scenery.
  • Ninja Kyoto Labyrinth: This is a maze wherein a guide dressed in full black ninja gets hold of children to the underground Ninja Kyoto Labyrinth while playing a traditional flute. At the entrance the children are handed over mini flashlights and also the bingo-style cards to keep the track of each kanji symbol they find. Ninjas appear from dark and help the children in succeeding matching the symbols and help them in winning a prize. The complex also has a dessert buffet and a restaurant where ninjas perform their magic tricks.
  • Gion District: This is the most happening place in Kyoto. Currently Gion still has many Ochaya where customers drink and dine while Maiko and Geiko entertain them in traditional architecture. Gion signifies the atmosphere of old Kyoto.
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What children find amazing in Kyoto?

Nara: This is something children will fall love for. Many deer can be spotted here. Nara is approximately about an hour from Kyoto by train.

Genbu Martial Arts: Many schools in Kyoto offer free trial sessions on martial arts.

When to visit Kyoto?

The month of November is the ideal time to visit to Kyoto.



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