Munich-The Heavenly Place

Munich is the capital of Bavaria and is one of the largest cities of Germany. Munich is located on Isar River towards the north of Bavarian Alps. Munich is the city which hosted 1972 Summer Olympics. Munich’s innate name is München which is derived from the Old High German München which means “by the monks’ place”. City’s official colors are black and gold which are the colors of the Holy Roman Empire as well.

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munich 300x202 - Munich-The Heavenly Place

The city is famous for its social and economic innovations. It has also been ranked as world’s most livable city. It is one of most expensive city of Germany.

Places worth visiting in Munich

  • Marienplatz: It is one of the historic squares in Munich which forms the heart of the city. Old Town Hall and New Town Hall are also located in Marienplatz. There are many street performers in Marienplatz. During the middle ages tournaments and festivities use to take place here.
  • Frauenkirche: Frauenkirche lies towards the east of Marienplatz and is officially called as the Dom zu unserer lieben Frau. The foundation stone of cathedral was laid by Duke Sigismund in 1468.The building was constructed in a time-span of 20 years.
  • BMW Headquarters and Museum: BMW, one of the largest companies in Munich has its headquarters near to Olympia Park and is also the largest company in Munich. The foremost attraction for the tourists is BMW four-cylinder tower and a bowl shaped museum which is next to this tower. The Museum is the platform where BMW exhibits the technical development of cars, motorcycles and as well as the history of its company.
  • Deutsches Museum: This is also named as German Museum of Masterpieces of Technology and Science; it is one of the tourist’s attractions. It is located on Isar River and was opened in 1925. It is one of the largest technological museum and visitors can also have a look on the first Siemens dynamo engine in Electro power exhibit.
  • Olympia Park: Olympia Park has Olympic Stadium which is the home of soccer team which can accommodate approximately 80,000 people in the stadium.
  • Friedensengel: Also famously called as Angel of Peace. The monument was built at the end of 19th century which was built to celebrate 25 years of Peace after Franco-Prussian defeated German army in 1871. The monument is crowned with a gilded angelic statue.
  • Cuvilliés Theater: The Theater is a splendid opera house and was built in 18th century and is the most beautiful theater in Europe.
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Best time to visit Munich

The most appropriate time to visit Munich is from March to May. Spring is the best time to visit Munich as much of the mass reaches in summer. Spring is the liveliest time.


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