New Paramount Pictures Theme Park Will Built In London

Paramount Pictures Theme Park - New Paramount Pictures Theme Park Will Built In London

In Europe, the largest amusement park, and most visited of all, is Disneyland Paris, or Eurodisney, as many still call it. However, a new project of a mega-park on the horizon, and in the future Paris could abdicate the title to London, where he probably will create a new Paramount Pictures Theme Park.

The announcement was made during these days: the major of Hollywood, the legendary Paramount has unveiled its plans for a huge park, costing £ 2 billion to be built in England. The new entertainment mecca, of which there is still no official name, will be able to compete with the big park of Disney in Paris. The project will create up to 27,000 jobs and transform an abandoned area, the extension of 352 hectares, located in Swanscombe Peninsula, on the Thames.

If the name means nothing to you know which is located of Paramount Pictures Theme Park in Kent, but just east of London. This new city’s entertainment, which will be at the level of global excellence, will be characterized by the largest indoor water park in Europe, will be equipped with various theaters and places where they play live music. There will be many attractions, 3 and 4D cinemas, restaurants, event space, and of course the hotel.

Once completed, it will have twice the extension of the Olympic Park in East London. The position will be one of its strengths: the site is located a few steps from the large ski railway Ebbsfleet International (served by Eurostar), then stretch just 17 minutes by train from central London and only two hours from Paris. According to the designers the time necessary for its realization are approximately 6 years.

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At the moment, the project is not yet executive: the next 12-18 months will be obtained all permits bureaucratic, and will be signed trade agreements with third parties. The times are so close, because you want to open the park for 2018. Not be a case of the first Paramount Pictures Theme Park: in the past six theme parks were opened by the U.S. major in the United States, but in 2006 they had all been sold to other companies under new brands.

We know then that another Paramount theme park is expected to open in Murcia, in Spain, in 2015, with a forecast of inflow on the three million visitors a year. For the park to the east of London is hoping for figures close to 10 million visits per year, values comparable to those of Dineyland Paris. Most likely the brand will be Paramount, but the management will be provided by a company outside the group.

According to unconfirmed rumors, the new park will also develop themed attractions Indiana Jones, and based on Transformers, perhaps related to the animated movie Dragon, and there is an area dedicated to horror, which will refer to the historic Paramount Pictures, called Friday the 13th. Paramount Pictures Theme Park.

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