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Alaska is quite a renowned city in the country of America and is located in the northern most part of the country. It lies in close proximity to the North Pole and is an exciting destination for travelers to visit in the summer months especially.

Mt McKinley
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Mt McKinley is one of the most exotic destinations that you can go ahead and visit when you are a traveler in the American city of Alaska. This is a place which is particularly breathtaking in the winter season and the snow capped mountains are an excellent destination for tourists to partake in exciting activities like skiing. There are special car rental services which you can avail of in order to get to this natural destination in the city of Alaska.

Dalton Highway

The Dalton Highway is a place that you can consider undertaking a drive through when visiting the city of Alaska in the country of America. The Dalton Highway features a backdrop of the mountains of the Arctic Circle region and is one of the most renowned places to explore and witness in the city of Alaska. The highway is clear most of the time and the drive taken can be quite a pleasant affair for tourists.

Prince William Sound Icebergs

The icebergs that are situated in the area known as Prince William Sound in the city of Alaska are also well known destinations which you can visit in order to have an exciting holiday in this wonderful location. The icebergs are solid structures and can be viewed in both the summer as well as the winter season. The climate in the summer is more conducive for sightseeing and one can then take pictures of this structure from very close quarters, which is not possible in the winter.

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Inside Passage
Inside Passage alaska 300x214 - Places to Visit in Alaska
This is an awesome place in Alaska City which you can visit if you wish to undergo hiking and kayaking experiences. There is no money to be paid for access to this destination and it is filled with travelers in the season of summer, when the weather here is warm and beautiful. The Inside Passage is not too far away from the main city area and you can make use of the ferry services in order to get to the Inside Passage from the main town area in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Denali National Park

Alaska in America is home to the Denali National Park which tourists can visit in order to get a glimpse of wildlife that is unique to the Arctic region as a whole. The park remains open from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon. Tickets need to be bought for the purpose of entry and a special price has to be paid for those who enter inside the park with their cameras.

Other Places to Visit in Alaska

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