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Vidhana Soudha

Tourism is an evergreen business in the Indian subcontinent. India being geographically and culturally very different from the north to the south consists of people who are different and follow many numerous cultures. A trip around India would mean actually going to 28 different countries, because each state has its own culture, traditions and own tourist destinations. Of the southern subcontinent of India Bangalore (Bengaluru) has been the centre of attention for the past few years ever since the software boom. With millions of people flying in to Bangalore every year, the Karnataka tourist industry has been thriving. There are many interesting places to visit around Bangalore and a few are covered here.

wonderla amusement park bangalore 300x225 - Places to visit in and around BangaloreBangalore houses the Wonder la amusement park; these parks have been setup according to the guidelines and instructions according to international standards. It is said to have been attracting over 13 million people from the day it’s started. People of all ages will find something to keep them excited in this place. It is definitely worth to go to this place and become a kid once again. The distance is around 26 km from the city and it is quite easy to get there.

Another attraction be the Sree Radha Krishna temple or famously known as ISKCON temple in Bangalore. This temple attracts several million people every year and has now become one of the most sacred modern temples of this generation. If you’re in the city it is definitely worth your while to go there once at least.

The Bannerghatta national Park is another attraction near Bangalore. This is national Park that is about 23.4 km from the city, and they provide you with attractions like jungle safari or stroll around a park and it is really exciting. The national Park is famous for its Tiger reserve and you’d be lucky enough to spot a few. It is preferred that you go there around early mornings so you have a whole day to spend there.

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The Nandi temple is another great site for you to see it is the architectural wonder along with being a religious centre is about 4.4 km from the city centre.

The Tipu Sultan Fort and Palace is another tourist destination that is near Bangalore. This is a location where the great King Tipu ruled from is also present in the same location.

The botanical Gardens of Bangalore have been famous for over couple of decades now. It is about 1.7 km from the city centre and houses many different varieties of plants and has beautiful gardens. Any wildlife enthusiast would love being there as the gardens are set to house many rare and exclusive plants here.

St Mary’s Island is another exotic location that is located near Bangalore this is about a few hours journey St Marys Island bangalore 300x199 - Places to visit in and around Bangaloreon land. This will take you to the beautiful beachside near Mangalore. This is a small group of Rock Island is that are located around 50 km north of Mangalore. It is very beautiful and scenic place and it is bound to blow your mind away and keep you transfixed on location for quite a while. The warm sand, the blue waters and the green palms all around and make you feel like you’re in heaven. Even though the travel will cost you some time it is worth the travel because the place is one of a kind.

Relatively near to Bangalore is Mysore. Mysore is famous for the Mysore Palace and the KRS dam it is also famous for the Chammundi Hills. The Mysore Palace was a palace built by the kings who ruled Mysore. It is said that the number of tourists who visit Mysore Palace is relatively near to the number of tourists who visit Taj Mahal in Agra. Over the years this Palace has become a famous and exciting tourist destination. With the number of tourists increasing every year this is bound to become one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world in a couple of decades.

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Vidhana Soudha 300x190 - Places to visit in and around BangaloreThe Vidhana Soudha is the state parliament of Karnataka and is housed in Bangalore. It is an architectural wonder and is said to be one of the best designed official buildings in Karnataka. Karnataka also has one of the best bus services hence tourists will not find any difficulty in moving around the places they want to see.

Cricket is a prominent sport here and Chinna swamy stadium is also tourist destination here. Coorg is another tourist destination that is near Bangalore and it is world renowned for its climate and hill stations. Coorg is world renowned for the home stay hospitality services that is provided there. Many other tourist destinations in Bangalore are the MG Road, Brigade Road, electronic city; IT parks in Bangalore, Commercial Street, UB city, innovative film city and forum mall. These locations are one of the most crowded and happening locations in Bangalore. And is the treasure troll for shoppers.

Ranganathittu bird sanctuary is another tourist location near Bangalore that is famous for the very rare and different type of birds that are found only here. Many birds migrate long distances and come to this bird sanctuary.

There is also the Pyramid Valley which is said to be the biggest pyramid shaped call for meditation in the world. The site is also proud of being the largest pyramid in Asia. So a few basically coming down to Bangalore to look at the places around it is advisable that you also look at Mangalore, Mysore and Coorg as these places are near to Bangalore and offer you a wide different range of experience when it comes to tourist attractions. The Karnataka tourist industry provides you the utmost quality and service when it comes to customer satisfaction they can be counted upon. There are many beautiful places out there in Bangalore, it is advisable that you plan your trip and make the most of time you get to spend here in this beautiful place. A stroll around Bangalore will give you the complete experience of at least 10 different worlds.

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