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Jane Austen Center bath

The English city of Bath is a desirable place for travelers to visit in the United Kingdom and is known to attract travelers at all times in the year. Bath is quite a historical city and there are several interesting tourist points that one can come across over here.

The Roman Remains

The Roman remains in the city of Bath in the United Kingdom constitute one of the city’s most famous sightseeing destinations. The Roman remains in the city are basically Roman pillars which were constructed during the time of Roman occupation in the United Kingdom and which are symbolic of Roman hegemony in the region in the ancient period. The remains can be easily reached through the use of the rental car services in the city.

The Healing Waters of Bath

Bath is a therapeutic destination for a lot of people to visit and one can find travelers coming to this destination from afar to heal at the natural geysers and other sauna points in the city. The healing destinations in the city of Bath can be reached with the help of the public transportation facilities that one can find over here. The drivers of the rental cars are well aware of the location of the saunas.

Parade Gardens
parade gardens bath - Places to Visit in Bath
This is a scenic destination in the English city of Bath and is a place that you can travel to, if you want to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing activities. The Parade Gardens are large in size and are home to some of the finest plants and flowers that one can find in the entire United Kingdom as a whole. The Parade Gardens are situated in the heart of the city.

Victoria Park

This is also a beautiful relaxation destination in the city of Bath and you can travel to this location especially if you are journeying along with your family members and need a place where you can sit down and spend time together as family. Entry to the Victoria Park is free and does not cost money. Littering is not allowed and there are no restrictions of any kind on photography. Pictures can be taken without any worry at all.

Jane Austen Center
Jane Austen Center bath - Places to Visit in Bath
The famous English Jane Austen is believed to have originated from the city of Bath which is why there is a center here that is devoted to her life and her works. Jane Austen Center remains open for access for travelers from ten in the morning to seven in the evening. Tickets need to be bought for the purpose of entry. Pictures cannot be taken inside even upon the payment of an extra amount of money for this. The center is centrally located and is not difficult to track down.

Other Places to Visit in Bath

Religious Places: The Bath Abbey

Museums and Art Galleries: The Building of Bath Museum, the Holbourne Museum of Arts and the Hershel Museum of Astronomy

Parks and Gardens: The Sydney Gardens

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