Places to Visit in Berlin

kaiser wilhelm memorial church berlin

Berlin is the capital of the country of Germany and is one of the most visited destinations in the whole world. It is an ideal destination for a holiday experience in a historical location and has a large number of sights for travelers to explore.

The Berlin Wall

This is very famous tourist attraction in the German capital city of Berlin and serves as a reminder of the divide that had existed between West and East Germany. The Wall was brought down in the year 1989. The Berlin Wall is witnessed by travelers at all times of the day and it can be accessed by making use of the hired car services at hand. The Berlin Wall can be photographed and there are no restrictions on photography at all.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

kaiser wilhelm memorial church berlin 225x300 - Places to Visit in BerlinThis is a massive church in the city of Berlin that stands as a dedication to the German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm. The church is a Roman Catholic church and one can visit it at any given time between ten in the morning and seven in the evening. There is no money to be paid for an entry and prayer sessions can be attended over here on both Fridays as well as on Sundays.

Berlin War Memorial

Berlin War Memorial 300x199 - Places to Visit in BerlinThis is a war memorial situated in the city of Berlin that is dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the First and the Second World War. The War Memorial is a place which is open for travelers from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon. Tickets need to be bought in order to be able to get inside the memorial and witness the tombs of the different soldiers who died as martyrs in the two great wars.

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Berlin Zoo

The Berlin Zoo is a popular tourist attraction and is home to a wide variety of animals that are unique to northern Europe as a whole. The Zoo can be visited in the morning hours only and polar bears are something that one can come across upon visiting the zoo in Berlin. The Berlin Zoo allows pictures to be taken of all of its inmates and there are special discounts provided for those who are travelling with their children.

The Berlin Aquarium

The Aquarium in the German capital city of Berlin is also a place that ought to be visited on the part of any tourist in this beautiful city. The Aquarium is home to a unique collection of aquatic creatures ranging from sharks and dolphins to Manta Ray’s and sea lions. Sometimes the travelers can also get to partake in fishing activities when they visit this aquarium in the city of Berlin. Entry tickets are those that are quite moderately priced and one does not have to spend too much money in order to have a day out at this destination.

Other Places to Visit in Berlin

Monuments: The Molecule Men monument

Parks and Gardens: World’s Garden, Tiergarten and Viktoria Park

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