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Costa Rica is a gorgeous place that you can visit in the country of South America. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is the perfect getaway destination for those who lead a really busy life all the time.

Bird Watching
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The bird watching activity is one of the most common tourist activities in the South American destination of Costa Rica. The rain forests of Costa Rica are perfect for the viewing of unique varieties of birds, most of which are specific to this region only. Bird watching needs to be done in silence as the slightest sound will scare the birds away. There are rental car services that you can use in order to make your way to the bird watching destinations.

Fishing in the Coast
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The coastal areas of Costa Rica are perfect for conducting fishing activities. The lagoons over here have an abundance of fish and you can opt for one of the many launches that take tourists to the fishing areas. The time for fishing is generally between six in the morning to ten in the morning after which the launches are known to return to the shore. Well trained life guards accompany travelers on these fishing trips.

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The central part and the southern part of the country of Costa Rica makes it possible for travelers to engage in surfing activities of various kinds. Surfing is quite safe and easy over here and one does not have to harbor fears of drowning as the waters over here are quite shallow. Surfing activities are limited to the morning hours of the day and never is it allowed in the evening time for tourists.

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The Arenal Volcanoes in Costa Rica are what you can definitely go and explore. These are extinct volcanoes and are a beautiful sight to behold. There is no fear of these eruption and you can take photographs of the volcanoes in the country at your own will. The volcanoes are situated in the vast expanses of the Costa Rican countryside and you can take the rental car services in order to go and visit these volcanic destinations in the country.

Golf Courses

There are vast expanses of golf courses in the cities of Costa Rica where you can engage in golfing activities of your choice. Most of these are not too expensive and you can get to partake in tournaments by investing a small amount. If you intend to take golf lessons here you can also go ahead and do so. Golf is one of the most popular sports in the country of Costa Rica and is something that it is really well known for. The hired cars can be used by you to visit the golf courses.

Other Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Parks and Gardens: The Corcovado National Park

Shopping: Mercado Central in the city of San Jose

Beaches: The beaches of San Jose and the Central Pacific Beaches

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