Places to Visit in Leeds

millennium square leeds

Leeds is a thriving city in the country of England in the United Kingdom and is also a popular travel destination. The city has a significant history of its own and there are quite a few exciting sightseeing destinations which travelers can explore over here.

Millennium Square
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This is one of the most bustling places in the city of Leeds and there are visitors at this junction at all times of the day. The Millennium Square is situated in the center of the town and is home to some of the finest shops and entertainment destinations that the city has to offer. Getting to this place is something that can be easily done through the use of the airport rental car services at any given time.

St Ann’s Cathedral
St Ann’s Cathedral leeds 300x225 - Places to Visit in Leeds
This is a historic cathedral in the city of Leeds and you can visit this church between ten in the morning and seven in the evening. The walls of the cathedral are engraved with exquisite art forms which reflect a baroque architectural style. The St Anne’s Cathedral allows its visitors to make a donation for its upkeep. This donation needs to be made in the form of cash, which needs to be kept in a small donation box that is situated at either the front or the back of the church.

St John’s Church

The St John’s Church is also an exciting location that you ought to visit when you travel to the English city of Leeds. This too is a Roman Catholic Church and remains open to visitors between ten in the morning and seven in the evening. There are no tickets to buy for entry and one can take as many pictures as one likes when getting to the interiors of this splendid church.

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Town Hall
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The town hall in the city of Leeds was the center of political activity, in the olden times that is, in both the medieval period as well as the early modern period of English history. The Town Hall is gigantic in terms of appearance and is situated in the heart of the city. Both the public transportation facilities as well as the rental car services can be used in order to get to the center of the town and visit the Town Hall.

Leeds Football Ground

The city of Leeds in the United Kingdom is home to one of the finest football clubs to have ever played in the English Premier League. The football ground in the city of Leeds is therefore quite prominent in terms of size and fame and is a well known place for travelers in the city to visit. If there is no match going on here, one can pay a visit to the football ground between ten in the morning and three in the afternoon hours.

Other Places to Visit in Leeds

Religious Places: Parish Church and the Holy Trinity Church

Shopping: The Kirk Gate Market Area

Parks and Gardens: The Park Square

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