Places to Visit in Liverpool

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool city is a prominent tourist destination in the country of England in the United Kingdom. Liverpool is quite a historic place to visit and there are many interesting sightseeing attractions that one can come across over here. Public transportation options in Liverpool are quite good. Liverpool ranks among the largest cities in the country of the United Kingdom. It is frequented by travelers from different corners of the globe at all times of the year. The city is characterized by a vibrant nightlife scenario and some interesting sightseeing destinations that are worth exploring.

St George’s Hall
inside st george’s hall liverpool 300x136 - Places to Visit in Liverpool
This is a grand structure in the English city of Liverpool and is a desirable place that travelers can visit at any given time in the day. The Hall is a building which boasts of a Greco-Roman architectural style. The façade of the building has images of the female nude form portrayed on it. The building can be explored from the outside as well as the inside and is situated in the heart of the city.

Walker Art Gallery
Walker Art Gallery Liverpool 300x195 - Places to Visit in Liverpool
This is a popular cultural destination in the city of Liverpool in the country of England and is a place that you can visit if you have a fascination for contemporary art forms. The Walker Art Gallery can be entered from ten in the morning to five in the evening and tickets for entry are those that are quite moderately priced. The use of cameras inside of the art gallery is something that is quite heavily restricted for visitors.

World Museum of Liverpool
World Museum of Liverpool 300x225 - Places to Visit in Liverpool
This is an important tourist destination in Liverpool and when you visit this museum you will be able to come across the most amazing collection of Egyptian artifacts which have been carefully preserved and displayed in one particular exhibit. You can also come across an exhibit that showcases important advances made by the city in the field of rocket science. Entry is possible from ten in the morning to six in the evening after which it is closed.

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Liverpool Cathedral
Liverpool Cathedral 300x198 - Places to Visit in Liverpool
The cathedral in Liverpool is a perfect example of Romanesque architecture in the city. It opens its doors to visitors from ten in the morning and closes its doors at seven in the evening. The atmosphere within the cathedral is one that is quite tranquil. The best time to visit this place would be on a Sunday morning, at a time when mass is held for the faithful and all Catholics can take part in this mass.

Liverpool Town Hall
Liverpool Town Hall 300x169 - Places to Visit in Liverpool
This is an elegant building that is made entirely of stone and was an important destination for political life in the city at one point in time. A special feature of the town hall in Liverpool is the Corinthian columns. Visitors are allowed to take pictures upon their visit to this location in Liverpool. There are no restrictions of any kind on photography and this is something that travelers can engage in over here quite freely.

Liverpool Music School

Liverpool Music School is also an academic destination which tourists ought to travel to when they visit the city. The School is the best among music training institutions in the country and features a campus that is breathtakingly beautiful as well as massive. The best time to visit the school would be in the season of spring when one can get in touch with students and professors alike. There are no entry fees required on the part of the travelers.

University of Liverpool

Liverpool University, located a few kilometers away from the main city area is a place that all international travelers ought to venture to. The University is one of the best in the world and offers an academic training in all possible disciplines. The University of Liverpool opens its doors to foreign visitors and lets them have a look at the entire length and breadth of the campus. There are cafes and bistros within the campus area.

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Other Places to Visit in Liverpool

Museums and Art Galleries: The Maritime Museum, the Beatles Story, the Victoria Gallery and Museum, and the International Slavery Museum

Parks and Gardens: The Croxteth Hall and Country Park

Shopping: The Grand Central, Liverpool One, the Bluecoat and the Met Quarter area

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