Places to Visit in Macau

Macau Tower

Macau is one of the special administrative regions of the country of China and was at one point in time under Portuguese occupation. The city is one that is quite famous for its gambling activities. Macau has a significant history of its own and can be explored in both the summer as well as the winter season. It is economically quite prosperous and is a popular tourist destination. Travelers love to visit the Chinese city of Macau because of its fine dining destinations, shopping malls and exotic beaches, most of these are public.

Macau Tower
Macau Tower 225x300 - Places to Visit in Macau
This is a place of great importance in the Chinese city of Macau and you can best visit in the morning hours. The Macau Tower is a reflection of Chinese control over this city and you can take pictures of it quite endlessly. There are rental car services in the city which can take you to this location in Macau within a short time frame and without you getting lost.

Macau Museum
Macau Museum 300x182 - Places to Visit in Macau
The Macau Museum is a delightful destination that you can visit when you are a tourist in the Chinese overseas territory of Macau. This is place which contains important information about the history of the city right from the time that it came into existence to the present day. Tickets for entry are not too expensive but the use of cameras inside of this museum is something that is forbidden. The museum remains open on all days of the week.

Macau Peninsula

A significant portion of the peninsular region of Macau has been declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. The Macau Peninsula is a place of breathtaking beauty and you can use the rental car services in the city in order to get to this unique destination. The Macau Peninsula is particular lovely in the summer months when the flowers are in bloom and moving about from one place to another is quite comfortable and easy. There are a number of well known gambling destinations that are situated over here as well as some really popular shopping destinations selling both international as well as indigenous commodities.

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Fisherman’s Wharf

This is an exciting place which you visit in the city of Macau if you are interested in fishing activities and intend to take part in these on a regular basis. The Fisherman’s Wharf is basically a lagoon area in the city of Macau where you can find some really exotic varieties of fish.

Sao Paulo Cathedral

This is a Roman Catholic Church that was constructed in the city of Macau at the time the Portuguese were in power. The cathedral features a baroque style of architecture and can be explored on all days of the week. Fridays and Sundays are days when the church is particularly crowded. There is a large statue that is located at the front of the church which is also an important point of tourist interest in the city.

Scenic Trails for Hiking

There are several hiking trails in Macau which tourists can explore. The hiking trails are extremely scenic and wonderful to travel along, particularly in the season of summer. The hiking trails are also those that are quite easy to navigate. One can take one’s own bike when exploring the hiking trails in Macau. One can also take hired bikes which are available for the use of travelers exclusively. Hiking activities generally occur in the early hours of the morning though on Sundays these can start at mid day as well.

Other Places to Visit in Macau

Monuments: The Macau Fort

Museums and Art Galleries: Taipa Houses Museum and Museum of Taipa and Coloane History

Shopping: The shops in the street of Largo de Senado as well as Ruin’s of St Paul’s Area

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