Places to Visit in Montreal

montreal Olympic Stadium

Montreal is a beautiful destination in the country of Canada and tourists from far and wide are known to visit this place on a regular basis. The city of Montreal has a significant history of its own and has a predominantly French speaking population over here. There are several wonderful sightseeing destinations in Montreal that are worth exploring on the part of tourists. The city features a vibrant nightlife scenario and some of the finest shopping destinations in the globe. The city of Montreal should ideally be visited only in the season of summer. This is because it is in the summer season that the natural splendor of this city can be witnessed in all its glory.

The University of McGill

This is one of the best known universities in the Canadian city of Montreal and is also a well known tourist destination. Academic learning is imparted over here in both French as well as English. The University has an international student population that is of a substantive size and tourists from far and wide are known to come here for the purpose of their studies. Quite a few students at the university are those that come from the Indian subcontinent.

Old Town Center

The old town in the city of Montreal is a must visit for all travelers to this fascinating destination. The old town center houses buildings which were constructed between the seventeenth and the nineteenth centuries and there is no money to be paid in order to be able to explore the buildings over here. The old town area should ideally be visited in the evening hours when it is bustling with people.

The Olympic Stadium
montreal Olympic Stadium 300x200 - Places to Visit in Montreal
The Olympic stadium in the Canadian city of Montreal ranks as a major tourist attraction in the city and can be explored by travelers at a time when tournaments are not being held over here. The stadium opens from ten in the morning and tourists can come and go and even take pictures over here, from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon after which it closes for the day. It enjoys a central location.

The Rialto Theater

This is a major cultural destination in the city of Montreal in Canada and is also a place that travelers like to visit upon their visit to the city. The Rialto Theater is known to host plays by major international companies at all times of the year. There are special discounts provided to tourists but these tickets have to be booked in advance as they are much in demand. The Rialto Theater is normally not too expensive and the plays staged over here are those that are of a very high standard indeed.

Jardin Botanique
montreal Jardin Botanique 300x225 - Places to Visit in Montreal
This is a public garden in the city of Montreal and you can visit this location in order to relax and unwind in the lap of nature. The garden is one which is extremely well maintained and is home to an exotic variety of plants and animals. Children are found to be playing over here in the morning and the evening hours and there is a meager entry fee that needs to be paid by any visitor to this destination. Getting to the garden can be done using the public transport facilities in the city.

Other Places to Visit in Montreal

Parks and Gardens: Saint Square Louis and the well known Parc Lafontaine

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