Places to Visit in Oxford

University of Oxford

Oxford is a historic city in the country of England in the United Kingdom and is a few hours away from the capital city of London. It has very good rental car services that can be used for the exploration of the city by travelers.

The University of Oxford
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The University of Oxford is most well known among all travel attractions in this old English city. The University came into existence in the period when the Tudors where in power, that is, in the early fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Academic training is provided in a wide range of disciplines here and the international student population here is one of the largest in the whole of the United Kingdom. Tourists are allowed to explore the university at any given time in the day.

Sheldonian Theater
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This is a famous structure in the city of Oxford and Sir Christopher Wren is the man who is credited with the building of this structure. He was a professor of astronomy at the University of Oxford at the time in which he undertook the building of this theater. Visitors can explore this place from ten in the morning till seven in the evening after which it is closed for the day.

The Museum of Oxford

Any visit to the English city of oxford would be incomplete unless one travelled to the Museum of Oxford. This is a place where you can get to gain an understanding of the history of the city from the medieval times to the present day. The Museum remains accessible even on a Sunday and entry tickets can be bought for quite a meager price. Tourists cannot take their cameras and mobile phones with them when entering the museum.

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Bodleian Library
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The Bodleian Library is the official library of the University of Oxford and is one of the most famous centers of learning in the whole world. The library contains books on more than a hundred different disciplines and rules of use of books within the library are quite stringent indeed. The library can be accessed from nine in the morning to eight in the evening, after which it is closed. It is situated in the University campus itself and one does not have to venture too far away from the University in order to be able to find this library.

Museum of the History of Science

The History of Science Museum in the English city of oxford is also one of its most popular tourist destinations. This museum is best visited in the summer months as there are talks delivered over here on the part of eminent scientists from the various corners of the world. The scientists who come are distinguished scholars in the world of science and have made very important contributions to scientific learning.

Other Places to Visit in Oxford

Religious Places: Christ Church and University Church of St Mary the Virgin

Parks and Gardens: The University of Oxford Botanical Gardens and the Oxford University Parks

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