Places to Visit in Shanghai

Modern Architecture - shanghai-tower

Shanghai is one of the most developed cities in the country of China and has a population of over twenty three million. It is a center of trade and commerce and is also home to a number of exciting sightseeing destinations that travelers can explore.

Oriental Pearl Tower
Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower 300x225 - Places to Visit in Shanghai
The Oriental Pearl Tower is a massive monument located in the city of shanghai and is one place which you ought to make your way to when you are a visitor in this lovely city. The Oriental Pearl tower is accessible to travelers at all times of the day. The best time to visit the pearl tower would be in the early hours of the morning when the footfall of the tourists is less over here. The tower is centrally located.

Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum 300x187 - Places to Visit in Shanghai
A visit to the museum in Shanghai is a must for all those who are interested in knowing about the history of this city. The Shanghai Museum houses the history of the city from the time that it came into existence in the ancient period, right up to the period after the Second World War. The museum can be visited between ten in the morning and six in the evening and tickets are available at the entrance.

Modern Architecture
Modern Architecture shanghai tower 300x184 - Places to Visit in Shanghai
The Chinese city of Shanghai is well known for its specimens of modern architecture such as skyscrapers. These indicate the developmental aspects of the city and are generally places where trade and commerce is carried out. Pictures can be taken of these structures by those who are interested in doing so and entry can be secured upon taking special permission well in advance. The city center is the place where modern forms of architecture are situated.

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Pagan Temples
Jade Buddha Temple Shanghai 300x224 - Places to Visit in Shanghai
There are a number of pagan temples that constitute important sightseeing attractions in the city of Shanghai. Examples include the well known Jade Buddha Temple as well as the Longhua Temple. Prayer services are held on a regular basis at these temples and can be witnessed in both the morning as well as in the evening. The temples are located in the outskirts of the city and the most convenient way to reach them would be through the use of the hired cars in the city.

Yuyuan Gardens
shanghai Yuyuan Gardens 300x200 - Places to Visit in Shanghai
This is a picturesque destination that travelers can make their way to when visiting the Chinese city of Shanghai. The Yuyuan Gardens are home to an exotic variety of flowers and plants, most of which are not reachable and are placed in enclosures. The gardens are a good place where one can relax and unwind after spending an entire day engaged in sightseeing activities. Entry is fee usually except on the weekends. Reaching this place in Shanghai cannot be too difficult if one makes use of the public transportation services that are there in the city.

Other Places to Visit in Shanghai

Museums: The Navy Shanghai Museum

Religious Places: The Jinshan Donglin Temple

Beaches: The City Beach of Shanghai

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