Places to Visit in Tokyo

Rainbow Bridge tokyo

Tokyo is a large city in the country of Japan and also the capital of the country. The city of Tokyo is known to be quite a historical city and there are several attractions that you can get to explore when you pay a visit to this exotic destination.

Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower 300x199 - Places to Visit in Tokyo
The Tokyo tower is a famous monument in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo and you can visit this destination in order to get a glimpse of this marvelous city as a whole. The Tokyo tower is massive in terms of height and when you do pay a visit to the top most part of the tower you will feel slightly dizzy. The Tokyo tower receives travelers at all times of the year, in summer as well as winter.

The Trade Center

The trade center in the Japanese city of Tokyo is also another exciting destination which you can visit. The Trade Center in Tokyo is the seat of financial activities in the country and the top most businessmen and corporate are known to work over here and that too for long hours in the day. Visitors can explore this destination only in the early hours of the morning, that is, between nine and eleven in the morning, prior to when work actually starts.

Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge tokyo 300x200 - Places to Visit in Tokyo
This is a picturesque place to visit in the city of Tokyo in the country of Japan. The Rainbow Bridge is a scenic destination with flowers and plants all around and you can relax here and unwind after an entire day of sightseeing. There is no money to be paid for the purpose of an entry and photographs can be taken by you over here, for as long as you wish to.

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Mori Art Museum

Mori Art Museum tokyo 300x200 - Places to Visit in Tokyo
This is a well known center of Japanese art and a place you should definitely consider visiting when you arrive in the city of Tokyo. The Mori Art Museum contains lavish forms of Japanese art such as oil paintings and pencil sketches which are quite exquisite to view really, and you can explore this museum for the payment of a meager sum of money. It is centrally located and you can get to this destination using the rental car services in the city.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government

This is the seat of political activity in the Japanese capital of Tokyo and is the place where all important political dialogues are known to take place. While travelers are not allowed to enter the official interior spaces, they can view the place from the outside and can take pictures as much as they would like to. There are no restrictions of any kind on photography and it can be done as per a tourists wish. There is heavy security outside the building and travelers are often made to pass under a surveillance system.

Other Places to Visit in Tokyo

Monuments: The Imperial Palace of Tokyo and the Meiji Shrine

Parks and Gardens: The City Gardens of Tokyo

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