Raja Ampat, The Best Diving Spot

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat - Raja Ampat, The Best Diving Spot

The beauty of Raja Ampat would have latched onto in your mind. Unfortunately, it took a bit of money not to witness the charm of these islands. But, you can get around some of the things that can go there with a minimal budget!. Raja Ampat when new known, the traveler spends tens to tens of millions to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Over time, the traveler becomes more “intelligent” in finding ways for the beauty of the islands in West Papua that can be enjoyed immediately.

The first thing to remember is that the more people that participate, the more minimal expenditure. This is because the majority of the means of transportation used in the Raja Ampat is a rental, ranging from cars to boats to get around. So, bring your “crew” as much as possible!. To reach the Raja Ampat from Jakarta, there are three alternatives. First, using the ship. Least expensive, but the longest journey. 5 Days 4 nights until he reached the city of Sorong. The second alternative is to buy a ticket promo direct flights to Sorong. Sriwijaya airlines for example, never give promo Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Residence multiplied by two for round-trip fare. The third option is to fly (promo of course) from Jakarta to Ambon, then go by boat from Ambon-Sorong. But get ready, because the ship was only stopped about 1 week.

In Sorong, you can hire a taxi content of 5 people (about USD 50-70 each way) to the Port of the People. Before boarding the boat to Waisai (the capital of Raja Ampat), you should buy supplies in advance. Drink plenty of water, and foods such as instant noodles. Food prices in Sorong cheaper than the Raja Ampat. There are two ships in Sorong-Waisai route, they went each at 14.00 CEST. The first is a fiber board. It’s cheaper if you use a wooden boat. Of Waisai port, you can use a taxi service for finding lodging in the city. But before check in, you should go to the local ministry office. Every tourist who entered the territory of Raja Ampat Conservation cost of $20 (domestic tourists) and $50 (foreign tourists).

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The cheapest accommodation in Waisai set at $20/room/night. If you want to be more frugal, you can do “approach” by local residents and to stay in exchange for food or money. Want to be more efficient?. If you want to explore the Raja Ampat next day, wake up at 04.00 CEST. Waisai Go to Market, and look at the line of the boat (locals call it “long boat”) that can be rented through bargaining with fishermen. It costs about Rp 2 million (including boats and fishermen themselves as a driver), but not including fuel. Wayag is a favorite destination of the traveler. This is the icon of the Raja Ampat you normally see on the screen, a sea of dark blue mountains adorned with a small green. Before traveling to this place, you should bring plenty of food and beverages. Because along the way, food can only be found at dive resorts are certainly priced more expensive.

To achieve the required Wayag about 400 liters of petrol. In other words, total spending on long-boat with route Waisai-Wayag-Waisai is $ 7 million. But calm, a long boat can be filled up to 14 people. Alias, you only spend Rp 500,000 for a trip of more than 12 hours. Much mileage is not without significance. Along the way, you could come to some point such as snorkeling Kabui Five Rocks and the Gulf. If you want to do the diving you should use an agent Waisai dives, one of which Waiwo Dive Resort. Once a minimum of $40/people dives.

Arrive at Wayag, you must first report to the office of the local marine conservation. Fishermen have known this very well, so you just have to remind him alone. Fishermen also know the favorite spots of the traveler when visiting the beautiful Wayag this charming. If you leave for 4 people for 3 days 2 nights, all of the above will spend about USD 4.7 million. Moreover, if members of the entourage of more than 5, or maybe 10 if you invite family and closest friends. Well, what are you waiting? Raja Ampat in sight!

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