Royal Penthouse Suite: The Most Expensive Hotel In The World

Royal Penthouse Suite

Royal Penthouse Suite - Royal Penthouse Suite: The Most Expensive Hotel In The World

How much would you spend on a night in a hotel? You are true lovers of luxury, but also can afford the very best that life can offer?. If your answers are affirmative, then you might be interested to spend a weekend in the most exclusive suites in the world, that for a couple of nights will cost roughly like a journey into space: how much you spend?. Get ready to fork out 62,000 euros per night, and your life can be likened to that of a close circle of VIPs, who were able to afford a stay at Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, and more precisely in its sensational Royal Penthouse Suite.

Accounts in hand, every hour of sleep will cost around 7,750 euros, not pennies, but you will have well 1,680 square feet of pure luxury, all seasoned with a superb view of Lake Geneva, the cloister of the Alps, with the view that extends up to Mont Blanc. Whether you watch from the bedroom from the living room or your bathroom, the view is always breathtaking. On the one hand, the bay of Geneva , on the other hand the geometry of its rippling waves that accompany your view of the surrounding mountains. And then the night vision, literally magic in the moonlight, with our satellite that caresses the lake and competes with the glow of city lights, which are reflected in the night. These magnificent views have inspired well-known compositions of famous musicians who have had the pleasure and good fortune to stay in the Royal Penthouse Suite.

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Sumptuous decor, luxurious comfort, every detail of the Royal Suite reveals a treasure around every corner. No matter where you put the eye in each wall is a work of art to be contemplated, you want an art deco vase, a painting of prestige, or a Persian rug, whatever the subject, you can be sure that was chosen for its unique value. And if it’s true that the great works of art are very popular among noble guests of the suites, the Royal Penthouse surprising for its modernity, for his art audiovisual equipment, just think of one TV show, which shows a diagonal 103 inches, “only” 2.74 meters.

The suite can accommodate a full staff: you think there are 12 bedrooms and three bathrooms private. This last point helps better digest the hotel bill: if you can fill the 12 rooms with a double presence, head to spend just over 2,500 euros per night! Everything is taken care of in great detail, and especially the security is increased at the highest levels here, stay here as heads of state and celebrities, high-ranking economic. Armored doors (but the whole plan is pretty armored), has a sophisticated alarm system, bulletproof glass, and there is a helipad to allow a quick evacuation of dormant.

Obviously the facilities are at their maximum efficiency and attention from the preparation of the suite, until the departure of customers, there is a team dedicated to the guests, coordinated by a personal assistant, a chef and a butler, figures available 24 hours a day to meet the desires and demands of each particular the VIP guest.

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In confirmation of the high standard of the hotel, just check the distinguished guests who have stayed at the hotel in recent years: by Shimon Perez, Israel’s president (and in Israel if they want security), the King of Saudi Arabia, the Family Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, the Ranieri family of the Principality of monaco , until you get to Bill Gates. Among the VIPs of the show have passed through this hotel stars like Celine Dior, Michael Douglas and pop star Rihanna.

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