See you at the Tour de Singkarak Next Year

Tour de Singkarak 2012 winner

Oscar Pujol Muñoz - See you at the Tour de Singkarak Next Year

On Sunday (10/6) Tour de Singkarak 2012 was officially closed by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Andi Mallarangeng, accompanied by Deputy Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Nirwandar, Governor of West Sumatra province Irwan Prayitno, as well as local government officials. Tour de Singkarak 2012 is an event best cycling sport in Indonesia is mated with tourism. The purpose of this competition is expected to enhance the tourism image of Indonesia, particularly West Sumatera. As in previous years, this event became the center of media attention at home and abroad with great impact and positive news.

Tour de Singkarak 2012 entered the fourth time, took place from 4 to 10 June 2012 with over seven stages within a total of 854 km covering 14 districts / cities in West Sumatra. This activity was organized by Kemenparekraf collaboration with PB ISSI, provincial / municipal / regency of West Sumatra, the Amaury Sport Organization coupling (ASO) who have experienced the organizer of the Tour de France. Tour de Singkarak has entered the Union Cycliste Internationale’s annual agenda (UCI) and enter the category of 2.2 with a total prize of Rp 1 billion. The hope next year to better the provision Tour de Singkarak and categories to be 2.1 to rival the Tour de Langkawi.

In 2012 there are two new districts included in the Tour de Singkarak series, namely Sijunjung and Painan Estuary in the South Coast. The 14 districts / cities in West Sumatra are involved in the Tour de Singkarak 2012, namely: the city of Padang, Sawahlunto, Sijunjung District, District 50 City, Payakumbuh, Tanah Datar, Bukittinggi, Agam district, the city of Padang Panjang, Solok District, City of Solok, Padang Pariaman District, City of Pariaman and the South Coastal District.

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The participants consisted of 18 international teams included 250 riders from 17 countries: Japan, Iran, Singapore, Australia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Taipei, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Brunei, New Zealand, France, Vietnam, Malaysia, and of course Indonesia. Indonesia itself includes nine national teams, namely: Polygon Sweet Nice, Araya, Son Struggle, Public Penyetan Sego, Custom Cycling Club, New Club Pessel Binong, Tuah Sakato, PSN Gillas, and Cikeas Cycling Team. Meanwhile, 18 foreign teams participating are: Aisan Racing Team, Azad University, Cross Team, Continental OCBC Singapore Cycling Team, Genesis Wealth Advisers, Pro Cycling Team, Team Suren Uzbekistan, Eddy Hollands Bicycle Services, Tabriz Petrochemical Team, Action Cycling Team, Plan B Racing Team, CCN Cycling Team (ACT), Colossi Miche Team, Australian National Team, Pro Trengganu, Japan Cycling Federation Federation, Pre Black Racing Team, and Budget Forklifts.

Tour de Singkarak opened the curtain as if the magic and charm of the hidden beauty of West Sumatra to the world. Route past four beautiful lakes are: Lake Batur, Lake Maninjau, Below Lake and Lake Diateh (Twin Lakes). The contestants were treated to a cultural display, immediately visited the grandest house in the Palace Pagaruyung gadang Batusangkar, and certainly do not miss to taste a variety of delicious culinary typical Minang Land.

Tour de Singkarak has brought the participants in an exciting and challenging adventure. Them through a unique rustic atmosphere and beautiful scenery in West Sumatra. International cycling race will not only offer fierce competition between the riders but also an opportunity to uncover the hidden wonders and beauty of Sawahlunto up to Padang.

Tour de Singkarak expected in addition to promoting West Sumatra will also spur development of local infrastructure and open access to markets and investment areas. Gradually these activities will bear the impact of the economic multiplier effects such as the hospitality, transportation, culinary, crafts, and tourism destination. For the people of West Sumatra alone, this mega event will provide a positive impact on a variety of creative economy businesses in the surrounding area through which the route Tour de Singkarak 2011.

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Being a champion Oscar Pujol Muñoz General and Team Champion Son Struggle Being Bandung General Tim

Tour de Singkarak 2012 is to complete the last stage-7 in the city of Padang. Stage time is different than before, the drivers around the city of Padang as far as 99.5 Kilometers (Km) including Padang to 6 times the Circuit Race.

Oscar Pujol Muñoz, Azad University Team rider Iran, won the international cycling race Tour de Singkarak 2012. Men 28 years old Madrid-born, Spayol it successfully beat 141 other riders from 25 teams down with a time of 21:24:21. In addition to snatch the title of individual champion (Yellow Jersey), Oscar Pujol Muñoz was also crowned as king of hill (Polkadot Jersey) after the highest point that is able to collect 41 points. With this victory Azad University Team to repeat the results of the Tour de Singkarak 2011, when the Iranian team rider became champion by Amir Zargari.

“This is a good end. All team members work well so as to obtain the best results,” said Oscar Pujol Muñoz after the last completed stage Tour de Singkarak 2012. Men aged 28 is claimed to really enjoy all the trajectories that passed included a speech from the community of West Sumatra. Oscar Pujol Muñoz is intending to re-match in Indonesia on another occasion. In fact, he is looking forward to traveling in one of the beaches. Oscar was very impressed with the natural beauty of West Sumatra, especially when through the fifth stage, that of the Pariaman Gondoria Beach to Lake Singkarak through Twin Lakes.

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Meanwhile, for the national category, riders Son Struggle Bandung, Dadi Suryadi, to be the best (Red & White Jersey) after collecting the 64.24.52. Next followed the Australian National Team 64.25.21 and the 64.26.19 Azad University Team. Son Struggle addition to being able to be the best team also placed three pebalapnya as the best rider in the name of Dadi Suryadi national statistic first, Tonton Susanto in position two, and Chelly Aristya in the top three.

Here are the overall results at the end of the Tour de Singkarak 2012 and Stage VII (recent) circuit Padang city 99 km won by sprinter Malaysia Mohd. Zamri Salleh (Terengganu Cycling Pro).


Best Indonesian Rider (RED and WHITE JERSEY)

1. Suryadi Dadi (243) – PPB

2. Susanto Tonton (241) – PPB

3. Aristya Chelly (242) – PPB

Best Climber Classification (KOM) (POLKA-DOT JERSEY)

1. Oscar Pujol Munoz (2) – AZC

2. Shirisisan Hamid (21) – UST

3. Liponne Julien (131) – RNB

Points Classification (GREEN JERSEY)

1. Oscar Pujol Munoz (2) – AZC

2. Shirisisan Hamid (21) – UST

3. Salleh Mohd Zamri (11) – TSG

Individual General Classification by Time (YELLOW JERSEY)

1. Oscar Pujol Munoz (2) – AZC

2. Crawford Jai (34) – GEN

3. Feng Chun Kai (51) – ACT

Team General Classification by Time

1. Putra Perjuangan Bandung

2. Australian National Team

3. Azad University Cross Team


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