Singapore-Unrivalled Destination

Singapore also named as Republic of Singapore is an island country made up of 63 islands. After independence in 1965 Singapore was a small fishing village and now it has turned into world’s prosperous countries and also the world’s busiest port. Singapore combines both eastern and western community together.




What to do in Singapore?

Many are of a view that besides shopping, dining and the movies there is nothing much to do but that is not so true. For the travelers visiting the Singapore for the first time the places to visit is quite long enough hence they need not worry. Here is a look at what places the tourists can visit:

  • Sentosa Island: This is a famous theme park like recreation island which remains crowded by the tourists and as well as the locals. There is much to see here for the tourists like enjoy at the remarkable beaches, luge and sky ride, underwater world, Tiger Sky Tower, Dolphin Lagoon. It takes almost a whole day to visit all the amusement sites there.
  • Singapore Zoo and Night Safari: Singapore Zoo has more than 2500 animals from 315 species. The environment is large and is sort of rainforest. The travelers can also get a close view of the exotic animals in action by feeding them. This is a great place for wild life lovers. Singapore Night Safari is basically a safari during the night. It has approximately 130 different animal species and its more than 1000 animals that can be seen. You can see animals like griffon vulture, vultures, wolves, rhinoceros, gazelles, hyena, giant ant eater and the gaur.
  • Flyer Observation Wheel: It is the world’s largest observation wheel. It is 150 meters in diameter, 165 meters high and travels at 0.21m per second. To travel on this wheel is a breath taking and awesome experience. The couples can also enjoy a romantic dinner in the capsule of the Flyer.
  • Jurong Bird Park: This is the largest and also stunning open concept bird park in Southeast Asia which has more than 800 birds of 600 different species. The tourists can see many beautiful and awesome birds over here. The experience is quite entertaining and educational as well. Many flamingoes, macaws, hornbills and cockatoos can be seen.
  • Orchard Road: This is the hub of retail and entertainment. This is one of the major tourist attractions having a number of restaurants, bars, clubs and lounges.

Best time to visit Singapore

There are no drastic changes in weather throughout the year hence one can visit Singapore anytime in the year it looks beautiful throughout the year.




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