Six Flags, Will Become The Largest Amusement Park In The World

Six Flags

Six Flags - Six Flags, Will Become The Largest Amusement Park In The World

A New York City and its surroundings, the people like to do big things, and from next year the Six Flags Great Adventure theme park will be expanded with a new tourist attraction, called Safari Off Road Adventure, which will allow residents and tourists the Big Apple to have fun in Theme Park World’s Largest!. With its 206 hectares of land will exceed the currently largest park in the world, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which is located near Orlando in Florida.

The real news, however, is another: the park will combine the pleasures of a safari park, but not with the car, to those of a classic amusement park, with a mix that provides truly explosive. Currently on the site located in Jackson Township, about eighty kilometers south-west of New York, in the state of New Jersey, there are two distinct parks, the Great Adventure and Wild Safari. Since September 30 the next Wild Safari will close its doors (after 38 years of honorable service) and from 2013 the two structures will be merged and integrated into the largest amusement park in the world.

What is already known as the mega-park will also introduce two new attractions: the first will be the unique Safari Off Road Adventure, while at the Hurricane Harbor, the new and massive slides of Big Wave Racer will delight all those who love the thrill in search of water games.

Certainly it is the new safari seems to capture more of the imagination and curiosity of children and adults: there are more than 1,200 animals from six continents, including fascinating felines such as lions and tigers, as well as rare species such as rhinos: all these wild animals can be seen, and will be granted for tourists to get close to them so much, how come they could not do before. The various habitats will be rebuilt this winter and the owners of Six Flags Great Adventure look to be ready at the opening of Memorial Day, the day that commemorates all the American soldiers who died in war, held the last Monday in May.

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The safari will work like this: the tourists, 35 at a time, will be made up of off-road trucks, with roof but no walls, so that each wing has maximum visibility and ability to make good photos. Each driver of each vehicle will also serve also as a guide, will provide information on animals and their behavior. Can not be used recorded messages: the safari is free, and each driver will deviate from the path at will, as far as possible in approaching various animals. So do not mark it the emotions of crossing water wells, the lift on the sides of hills, and bumps in the terrain, like in a real safari!.

Camp Aventura will be the main stage during this exciting off-road excursion. Here the best approaches will take place, and you can even feed some species and even stroke. Or if you like the thrill, ride a zip-line (for a fee) a flyby, slipping on a wire with a pulley above the groups of animals, hoping that everything goes well!.

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