Soak in Banjar Hot Spring, Bali

Banjar Hot Spring

Banjar Hot Spring - Soak in Banjar Hot Spring, Bali

Banjar Hot Spring is one of the hot springs of many attractions in Bali can be visited by you and other travelers. Hot water is sourced from natural springs that are considered among many to cure various skin diseases, such us scabies, athlete’s foot, ringworm, and tinea. Likewise, that hot water can be used to cure skin diseases due to sulfur content.

Banjar hot springs attraction is still managed in a simple, but doing so does not create attractions that rely on nature is not necessarily less desirable visitors. Many of them are addicted to come again and again is due to visit hot springs can cure the disease but also its natural state is still beautiful. Even many of the visitors who soak in hot water is due to shade and water clarity.

Hundreds of years old

Banjar hot springs is estimated to have been there for hundreds of years ago. When the Japanese occupation, the hot springs is better addressed and maximized the role and function. Japanese government when it was built at least three water storage pond for a bath where the water they use to cure skin diseases. And the presence of hot water is maintained up to now.

Hot tubs are divided into three sections with different height levels. Hot water in the pool first eight showers passed through the mouth of the dragon. Whereas in the second pool of hot water poured into the pool through the five dragon fountain. To the pool when it was rare to see visitors who lined up to enjoy the three fountains that flowed from a height of 3.5 m. The high water fountain keeps the body as if massaged by the water so that visitors love being in the bottom. Average depth of the pool as deep as 1 meter. As with any other hot water baths, hot springs at Banjar village is believed to cure some skin diseases.

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Banjar Hot Spring in the village of Banjar, Buleleng district which is about 24 kilometers from the city of Singaraja.

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