The Creole cuisine, Tour Of The Gastronomic Of Mauritius

Creole Cuisine

Creole Cuisine - The Creole cuisine, Tour Of The Gastronomic Of Mauritius

The camera can fix color and light, but it’s hard to describe the flavors and aromas of Mauritius to those who do not yet. Upon landing, we realize that everyone knows of spices and fruit: the tropical air caresses sugar cane, grown out of sight in much of the territory, and raises the smell of the earth, flowers and magical local herbs. It is precisely the herbs, spices and fruits to give personality to the Mauritian cuisine, which is an astonishing mix of cultures and tastes decided spicy Indian cuisine and Chinese cuisine meet European sophistication, creating tasty dishes based on fish or meat.

The term “curry”, which for us corresponds to a mixture of spices yellow, actually indicates the typical dish of the island: vegetables, meat or fish served with rice and spices, accompanied by the inevitable. This is the inevitable food on the tables of Mauritius, and that is what you eat in the restaurant most striking characteristic of the island, the now famous Grandma’s Kitchen. It is located in Souillac in the south of Mauritius , and is a sort of ” detachment “from the Shanti Maurice, a luxury resort on the Riviere des Galets. The name means “grandmother’s kitchen”, because the cook is a real grandma, ready to get help from children and grandchildren to transform their home into a charming restaurant two times a week. Nothing artificial: the home of Grandma is humble but cozy, heated by the warmth of a real family busy in the most beautiful ritual of the day, dinner preparation. Tourists can get there for dinner accompanied by Arounen, who works at the Maurice and Shanti is the grandson of the chef, up to a maximum of 12 per evening, or they can spend the whole afternoon with her grandmother, helping the shopping at the market and creation of the menu, before sampling the result set. A compelling and moving result: you take a drink on the veranda beside the vegetable, and consists of a cocktail served in a fresh pineapple fruit, vegetable fritters and donuts tasty lentil and spices. Then we move inside, where the boys of the family have graced the table with flowers and fabrics. Among the chatter in various languages, depending on the origin of the diners, rice, vegetables, meat and fish disappear quickly, before concluding with ice cream and tapioca.

The idea of hosting tourists to its board has been a great success, so that the initiative has been awarded as Best in Client Experience Initiative at the World Hospitality Awards. The credit goes to the staff found the Shanti Maurice, as he intends to kitchen. Also at the resort, in fact, every meal is a ceremony of taste, from breakfast with fresh fruit and freshly baked croissants, pancakes, omelets and hearty Indian. A simple fruit juice becomes a pleasure if it is prepared with fresh pineapple and sipping along the Indian Ocean, the resort’s breezy veranda.

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The two restaurants are covered, “Stars” and “Pebbles”, and all dishes are prepared with herbs and fruits grown in the large garden, which can be visited on request.
Once a week guests can enjoy a special dinner on the beach in the outdoor restaurant “Fish and Rhum Shack”. The tables are arranged on the sand, and dozens of lights illuminate the night enough to choose some yummy buffet and enjoy a good wine, strictly South African. The menu features vegetarian side dishes (heart of palm salad, spicy sauce with vegetables, peppers of every color and flavor) but mainly meat, fish and shellfish delicious cooked on the grill. Even the bread is special before ending up on the fire is brushed with a mixture of oil and garlic, which makes it fragrant and crisp on the outside. Meanwhile on the beach and the ocean whispers sega dancers are circling the colorful clothes to the beat of drums. From the tables there are those who rushes to dance with them, overwhelmed by the atmosphere of exotic Mauritius.

To the north of Souillac, inland, along the Route du Tea, Bois Cheri tea factory welcomes visitors with a warm and intense fragrance. From a distance you see the plantations (250 hectares), where hundreds of patients hands gently grasp the leaves before they are processed for the preparation of the drink. Before tasting the many types of tea you can take a guided tour of the museum and factory, observing how the leaves are sorted according to size, cut, left to ferment and macerate. Then she puts in special envelopes, are manufactured and put on the market, or transferred to a nearby restaurant. Here you will taste the tea, green tea or black tea, flavored with ginger, mint, coconut and vanilla. Perfumes and not know the nature of chemicals, to be savored slowly without added sugar. After all, “Bois Cheri” means “to drink, honey,” and no name could be more appropriate.

Moving toward the west is the town of Chamarel, home to the eponymous “Rhumerie”. The rum factory is surrounded by lush vegetation: orange walls contrast with the bright green leaves of Badami (a large tree trunk gnarled and shiny leaves and large) and the bright yellow flowers dell’angsana. At Rhumerie de Chamarel sugar cane used to produce many kinds of liqueurs and rum, from the more sweet and fruity to the stronger ones, which can be tasted in the trendy lounge bar. The machinery is in full view beyond the glass, and you can see them even more closely during the guided tours. The adjoining restaurant, “The Alchimiste”, can accommodate up to 80 people and serves traditional dishes accompanied by the drink amber, while the nearby shop you can buy gadgets and gift bottle. Often, good food and beautiful scenery go hand in hand in Mauritius, as is the restaurant “Varangue sur Morne”, or “Veranda on Morne”, Mount protected ‘UNESCO-shaped cake. The ideal is to eat you for lunch, when the sun illuminates the landscape of palm trees, and flowers at the bottom, before the sea, the sandy strip of Baie du Cap.

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Continuing north along the coast there finally meets the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis, which as the name suggests is a bustling port city. The catch of the day ends sull’appetitoso menus of restaurants in town, such as the lovely “The Courtyard”, which is located on the corner of Rue St. Louis and Chevreau.
He looks vaguely Mexican: the dining rooms overlook a courtyard walls white, with lemon trees and a fountain. You can not leave town without diving into the local market, a maze of noisy stalls overflowing with fruit, vegetables, spices and textiles. The air smells of ginger, coriander, saffron, garlic and lemongrass, and coconut counters are split in half, purple and yellow passion fruit, papaya orange and juicy “dragon fruit” flesh pink. Colors that are found in sarongs, pashminas in straw hats and apparel industry and handicrafts.

In the north-east there is another resort that offers enchanting dinners on the beach is the ‘Angsana Balaclava, Balaclava located along the Turtle Bay. Destination Dining The culinary program offers a multitude of personalized dinners, served from 19.00 onwards, strictly by the sea. Whether you’re a couple, a family or a group of friends you can ask the board of your dreams and start eating at sunset, to conclude under the stars. A formula is particularly spectacular barbecue buffet: as lobsters, shrimp, fish and meat on the grill abbrustoliscono, you can devote to the selection of appetizers and side dishes. You will find a veritable sculpture of snacks and finger food, with the obligatory heart of palm, some shellfish and fresh caprese salad for a touch of Italian taste. The choice of desserts is even more difficult, and certainly should try everything from cheese cake with berry mousse with chocolate, from chocolate cake to crème brulée.

Continuing the ascent towards the northern end of Mauritius meets the prestigious Royal Palm Beachcomber Hotel a member of Leading Hotels of the World. The delicious food does not exhaust the attractions of the resort – which is nestled along a bay with fine sand and soft, has 84 rooms with king, a Clarins Spa and a large space devoted to sport – but it certainly is a strength. The restaurants are three: “The Goélette” combines local flavors and international recipes, “Natureaty” offers themed menu of wellness, of Asian or Mediterranean atmosphere, and “Le Bar Plage” is specialized in seafood. At the head of “The Goélette” there is the Michelin-starred chef Michel de Matteis, Lyon-born blood of Puglia, which makes every ingredient into pure poetry. Among his specialties are diced fresh tuna, breaded with spices and grains of lentils, accompanied by a biscuit dough with grilled vegetables and fruits: a sublime dish of saffron sauce to be sprayed.

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Inland, in Mapou, there is the kingdom of another master Italian chef Fabio De Poli has long been established in Mauritius, and after years of work in the hotel decided to open his own restaurant, to the delight of true connoisseurs. The location was perfect the Château de Labourdonnais, a restored colonial mansion in 2006, immersed in nature: It resulted in the restaurant “La Table du Château”, capable of seating 75 people and features a creative cuisine that is inspired by the fruits and vegetables offered by the Mauritian landscape but it also some influence from Chinese, Indian and Italian. In addition to the rolls of vegetables, yogurt sauce and skewered shrimp and pineapple is worth tasting the sweet banana flambé with vanilla ice cream.

On the east coast two successive Constance Hotels, Le Prince Maurice and Belle Mare Plage, both located in Poste de Flacq. The first, the only hotel in Mauritius affiliated to Relais & Chateaux chain, boasts the only floating restaurant in the Indian Ocean: the small restaurant “Barachois”, open only at night, reached by a long wooden walkway, reaching the heart of a spectacular lagoon. The tables are arranged in five floating platforms, and the blue of the night is full of lanterns. The sister property Belle Mare Plage has the beauty of 7 restaurants from the smorgasbord of “La Citronelle” elegance of the “Blue Penny Café”, through the romance of “The Beach”, is a pleasure to seek their own favorite restaurant, with the certainty that nobody will be disappointed.

Among luxury resorts, family dinners and exotic tasting, mouth-watering in Mauritius is assured. A tasty but healthy cuisine, flavored with spices and naturally low in fat, where fish and vegetables are the protagonists. Only an inevitable gluttony opens every meal: bread, warm and fragrant, is great with butter or oil, and a bite leads to another. If eaten is substantial enough to conclude with a digestive herbal tea with ginger or lemon grass, and why not, a good coffee.

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