The Most Famous Monuments In Europe


Colosseum - The Most Famous Monuments In Europe

How much is a monument, or a tourist attraction? Not to mention only the intrinsic value of iron and brick, and even the simple loss of tickets sold in a year. We refer to the total value of the most visited tourist places in the world to represent the nations that host them, both in terms of economic flows but also as a “brand”, that image of the location and the induced value in the area.

To conduct this study, we thought it interesting to the Chamber of Commerce of Monza and Brianza, using an index that is already known, called the Anholt Brand Index, and crossing it with other interesting information, such as the celebrity of the monument, the accessibility of the site, data “istat” local, the local economy import/export, the number of visits, and the number of indirect jobs, was able to calculate the value of 7 monuments that represent, in a sense, Europe.

Processed data, it appears that the Eiffel Tower is the monument most economically valuable and value in Europe, and probably in the whole world. The value is a result, taking into account the various aspects, has reached a staggering 435 billion euros, roughly a dozen economic maneuvers of our government!. The symbol of Paris is almost 5 times the Colosseum, which is to have a value of 91.3 billion euros, even if the restoration work that is necessary, penalize the course. Slightly lower (90,3 billion) estimation for such a church of the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece in Barcelona, which has yet to be completed, but that is already a very successful tour.

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Perhaps because the study was done in England, the fourth is the Cathedral of Milan, worth 82 billion euros, which is 11.5 billion more than the Tower of London. Then follows the Prado, the largest museum of Madrid that is worth a little more than 59 billion, while an archaeological site such as Stonehenge should have a value of brands amounted to 10.5 billion euros.

From this mathematical trick, which perhaps leaves a little time that is, it is still unclear how the Eiffel Tower represents, for more than 123 years after its construction, a real universal symbol, and owns a huge value for the city of Paris. What is curious, considering that it was originally an ephemeral construction, which should have been removed after 20 years in 1909!. It proved to be rather a very good investment, and these days, this is a good news.

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