The Ranking Of The Most Visited Countries In The World


France - The Ranking Of The Most Visited Countries In The World

Everyone has their own dream vacation. Whether you like the massive crowds and the worldly life, or prefer the bathrooms in a lonely cove forgotten by the rest of humanity, a list of the states most visited in the world can still come in handy. Some people need a multitude of tourists at his side not to get bored, and those who flee like the plague anywhere minimally attended, developing an allergy louder the crowd, traffic and queues. Some have decided to analyze the flow of tourists in the various countries of the globe, and draw up a list of ten most popular and therefore more crowded. It is WTO ( World Tourism Organisation ), which annually reviews the statistical data and communicates its verdict. Between places and destinations that have fallen on the rise to peak, here’s the Top Ten of the most visited tourist destinations in 2011, the tenth place at the podium trio. It’s up to you to fish from the location you prefer: with how many friends you are willing to share your vacation paradise?

The tenth, of course, is the last in this ranking, but we can not say that it is a regrettable result. Being in a Top Ten is already a great achievement, because there are so many places in the world. As the reasons to visit Mexico, not just endless stretches of white sand and turquoise waters, but also antique colonial cities and archaeological remains of the mysterious Mayan civilization, not only the wilderness of the Peninsula of Yucatan , but also fascinating folk customs and colorful festivals , by happiness contagious. The fact that the popularity of Mexico is slightly downhill is not frightening: it is still one of the most fascinating of our planet, perfect for traveling a bit ‘adventurous, and someone will appreciate the slight drop in attendance … that basically remain in 2011, 23.4 million!

The Malaysian government was very proud to announce that in recent years the number of tourists reached 24.7 million. It is an outstanding achievement for a developing country with an economy and a booming industry, capable of attracting visitors of all kinds. Adventurers with sleeping bag over his shoulder to couples on their honeymoon, from businessmen to groups of friends, are all attracted by the crystal sea of paradise nestled between Thailand and Singapore. The landscape is beautiful, especially in Gunung Mulu National Parks, and Taman Negara Kinabalu, and in the heart of the forest of Borneo. The capital Kuala Lumpur is a modern city in great turmoil, and some are just as lively coastal resorts, such as Penang, but peace reigns along the beaches of Terengganu.

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The eighth place goes to a European country, which in summer attracts guests with a unique palette of greens, and winter leaves everyone agape with snow and Christmas markets picturesque fairytale. It is Germany, which for cultural tourism plays cards in Frankfurt, Berlin and Monaco, beautiful city full of monuments and attractive proposals, such as the famous Oktoberfest in the Bavarian capital. The German Alpine Road is the itinerary for lovers of winter sports, while the German Toy Road neighbors will feel great and small. Lakes, princely castles, historic monuments and lively festivals make it a perfect surprise in every season, as evidenced by the 28.4 million visitors in 2011.

The United Kingdom is a mixture of landscapes and cultures. From north to south are many cities, more or less large and more or less vivid, but just a few hours drive to set out into the wild landscapes of sublime beauty, high mountains and imposing cliffs. The Scotland is poignant, with its rugged coastline, heather plants swaying in the wind and the gray melancholy certain days of fog, England, keeper of a jewel like London, is the perfect mix of culture and entertainment, poised between ancient traditions and the relentless desire to grow. Whether you enjoy afternoon tea and sumptuous libraries, or you’ve always dreamed of owning a kilt, do not wait any longer and join the 29.2 million visitors in 2011 visited the United Kingdom.

29.3 million visitors in 2011, chose Turkey, who then passed the United Kingdom. It will be for its oriental character, divided between Asia and Europe, or for its long and troubled history, which saw the scene of battles, voyages and trade routes to distant worlds. A variety of souls that is manifested in the landscape, made up by the snow-capped Rocky mountains, deep valleys like those of Cappadocia, coastlines dotted with fishing villages and water so clear that compete with the sky. To say nothing of Istanbul, which was called Constantinople and was long known as the “Second Rome”, to emphasize the unique role in the vast empire of the Eternal City.

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The beautiful country approaches the podium, but it adds up … reaches “only” 46.1 million visitors! Yet, admittedly, Italy boasts a unique concentration of natural masterpieces, art and architecture, not to mention the cuisine and traditions, so different from region to region. Beyond the clichés-baba, spaghetti, gondolas and mandolins-and beyond famous giants like the Colosseum, Venice, the Dolomites or the Valley of the Temples, the boot is in Serbian medieval villages perched on the mountains, bays and beaches caressed by the waters beautiful and historical city centers look so beautiful that the sets of a show. Just as the artists of the eighteenth century, which could not fail to do their “Journey to Italy”, still many are those who fall in love on the peninsula.

In fourth place, with as many as 56.7 million tourists, there is the nearby caliente Spain. Also here are intertwined cultures and recognize the traces of historical milestones exciting: long dominated by Arabs, Christians reconquered by Catholicism and became a faithful, has been the heart of a colonial empire spread from one side of the Atlantic, until the New Continent. From the luminous elegance of the Andalusian coast Madrid , through the colorful Barcelona and fishing villages along the coast, Spain is the land of paella, tapas, noisy parties and love / hate bullfighting.

The third place belongs to a rapidly expanding power: there are those who look with admiration, some with a little of awe, because China and the Chinese are gaining ample space on the world stage. Not only from an economic standpoint, but also on the front of the tourist China shows to know how to defend, with 57.6 million visitors scored in 2011. While globalization has resulted in the largest companies in the Far East and western chains, increasing the opportunities for shopping, this ancient land of Serbia has always been in ancient cities, temples, archaeological sites, nature poetry and the inimitable, titanic Great Wall.

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For once the United States, immense and extravagant in all things, are not in first place. If still get along great with 62.3 million visitors, attracted by the city year-round crazy like New York or Las Vegas, but also breathtaking views of indescribable dimensions, that make you feel small and helpless tourists even more proud. A very large 9.83 million square kilometers is able to satisfy every need, always in style: you’re wild enjoyment, museums, monuments, skyscrapers or adventure parks, the U.S. will be for you. He has always known that America is a place where anything is possible.

But the pole is given to a European country, France, the gentle and refined, with the beauty of 79.5 million visitors in 2011. For many it is a symbol of romance, with Paris and the famous Eiffel Tower, but also the course of the languid Loire dotted with castles, the melancholic Mont-Saint-Michel and the changing skies of Britain. But France is also painting, sculpture and architecture, as evidenced by the endless halls of the Louvre or the palaces of the Belle Epoque, and sea and sun, as light can be experienced along the Cote d’Azur. Every day, from the sunny to the coolest, may be accompanied by fine wines and great food … there are those who would fly to Paris just to enjoy a crepe or a croissant fragrant.


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