Timbuktu, The Legendary Town Of The Sahara Theater Of Wars And Battles


Timbuktu - Timbuktu, The Legendary Town Of The Sahara Theater Of Wars And Battles

Winds of war blow in Mali, and now in the viewfinder is the mythical city of Timbouktu. The name Timbuktu name evokes mystery and romance. It used in the literature to describe a place that is incredibly remote, almost inaccessible. Many do not even believe that Timbuktu is a real place. But it is. Located on the southern edge of the Sahara, and just north of the river Niger , is a town of about 1,000 years old. A city that grew his wealth through the trade of salt, slaves and ivory, and its position as a perfect point of departure and arrival of the caravans of the Tuareg, who ran the trade between northern and southern Sahara.

With its distinctive mosques in mud, salt and earth, the city is also an important Islamic cultural center, with about 700 ancient manuscripts kept in the town about sixty libraries. But today the social contrasts make it attractive meo Timbuktu, there is much poverty and the houses seem to disappear for the advanced dle desert. The degradation continues, until recently the areas attracting tourists, but today, after a spate of kidnappings by a group linked to al-Qaida Western travelers are gone, and the decline of Timbuktu is obvious.

These days the picture is further compounded: a civil war is heating up on Mali , after the coup was coming last week, and today’s news that the ethnic Tuareg rebels have laid siege to the city of Timbuktu and took control much of northern Mali. Given the situation in Mali trips are strongly discouraged, as well as approaching the border areas if you travel in countries limitrofie.

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