Tiu Kelep Waterfall, A Beautiful Natural Waterfall From Lombok

Tiu Kelep waterfall

Tiu Kelep waterfall. Shocking news came from one of them falls Tiu Kelep tourists. Outside the tourist area called Roberto Guindolin, Trevisio origin, Italy explains very happy to feel the beauty of waterfalls Tiu Kelep. He compared this dish with a beautiful natural waterfall Marmore in Perugia, Italy.

The path of the volcanic rock and decorated with very large trees are also really very unfortunate if it were not transmitted. Very many visitors who feel the natural panorama ni is the background to take photographs of cheerful with friends, family and even my beloved boyfriend. In addition, visitors can navigate the river and filled with large rocks that clear water can also be drunk straight.

Fatigue consequences up and down a small hill about 35 m was paid off when both eyes are on the existing flow of water in sight. In Sasak language, native language of the tribe of Lombok, Tiu mean vortex. While Kelep meaning flood water the longer it will disappear. Same name, different from Gile waterfall spring water is very large so that tourists do not swim in the bottom. The waterfall is located Tiu Kelep cliffs that help, so that tourists can safely swim enjoy the fresh clean water is.

Has not ended with the charm of the road to the waterfall and the beautiful Tiu Kelep the waterfall. Most visitors also will be surprised, because the reflection of water on the rocks will make you feel under the patter of water. Tiu Kelep waterfall getting really shows its charm as the reflection of the water causes the water moans refract sunlight to eventually form a colorful rainbow.

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Sense of wonder does not just stop in there. On the way home, the travelers can pass through the path created by the irrigation channels that also chairman of Sasak people around. 2m-high hall, a width of approximately 1m and a length of 200 meters it gained the number one smooth function of Tiu Kelep water to hundreds of hectares of rural communities Senaru.

Like in the fairy tale, that is expressed by all tourists. Scenery was going to leave the memories alone the hearts of visitors. Not infrequently so many visitors eager to enjoy the coolness of the well back charm of beauty is the foot of Mount Rinjani.

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