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The Grand Palace Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and it is considered to be one of the leading tourist destinations of the world. Tourists from different corners of the world come here throughout the year to visit the top destinations located here. This is a historical city and is filled with many palaces. Some of these palaces are still occupied by the Thai Royal Family, and some are open for the public. Grand Palace is the official residence of the king. There are also many Buddhist temples located throughout the city. Apart from that, there are many museums, public parks and many other spots to attract the public.

There are plenty of tourist destinations located within the city. Here is a list of top ten tourist destinations located here.

Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall:

This is one of the most popular tourist places in Bangkok. If you ever get the chance to visit Bangkok, you must definitely come here, because it is the centerpiece of Champs Elysees of Bangkok. This is a white marble palace and is located at Royal Plaza, Dusit. The ceremony that takes place during the royal celebrations is some of the most important things to be found here. Apart from that the architecture of the Neo-classical age is one of the most noticeable things to be found here.

Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall Bangkok 300x201 - Top 10 best places to visit in BangkokThe interior of this place also serves as a wonderful locale for visiting dignitaries of the court, and royal occasions and council meetings are also held. This throne hall is open to the general public as a museum and there are permanent exhibitions held here. The Hall remains open from 9:30 to 4:00 on Tuesday to Sunday. If you want to come here, taxi is probably one of the best means through which you can reach here. Guided tours are available here and photography is not permitted within the interiors of the building.

Assumption Cathedral:

There are plenty of churches and temples located throughout Bangkok and Assumption Cathedral is an important spot that you should not miss. This is the principal cathedral of the Romans, and the history of the main church here dates back to about 1662. Even Pope John Paul II paid a visit to this cathedral during his trip to Bangkok. The structure of this cathedral is impressively tall, and it is the red brick façade that goes well with the buildings in the surroundings.

assumption cathedral bangkok 300x200 - Top 10 best places to visit in BangkokThe interior of this cathedral is built in a roman style, which attracts large numbers of people. You will find round arches and even looming ceilings that are beautiful covered with stained glass. The murals at the walls also depict some of the biblical scenes here. Choirs are held here, and the Sunday mass is very popular. Though masses are held in other days, but if you can visit here on a Sunday, you will like it the most. The best way to reach this destination is either to take a taxi or to embark on the Express Boat of Chao Phraya that goes to Oriental Pier.

The National Museum Of Bangkok:

If you are a lover of art and architecture, you should definitely visit the National Museum of Bangkok. Here, you will find the largest collections of Thai art as well as artifacts in the entire country. This Museum is located very close to the Grand Palace, and therefore, if you visit the Grand Palace, you should definitely come here. This is one of the best places in Bangkok where you will be able to explore the history of Thailand. The collections range from the ancient past to some of the most modern arts and artifacts. Some of the most interesting collections that you will find here range from gold treasures, Chinese weapons, Khon masks, textiles and clothing and even many ancient sculptures.

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The National Museum Of Bangkok 300x225 - Top 10 best places to visit in BangkokApart from that, the other things of interest that you will find here include the funeral chariot hall, and many other excellent temples that best resembles the Thai architecture. The museum is open to public from Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Since it is located in Na Phrothat Road, you can reach here by taxi. If you want, you can also take the Express Boat of Chao Phraya that goes to Maharaj Pier and then you will have to walk for 20 minutes.

Khao San Road:

This is a popular road in Bangkok, and there are so many interesting things to find here that tourist’s make this place is crowded all time. This is in fact, one of the best places to shop and there are many restaurants and hotels located on the 1 km long road. If you want to enjoy nightlife in Bangkok, this is one of the best destinations for you, because there are plenty of bars and night clubs located here.

Khao San Road Bangkok 300x160 - Top 10 best places to visit in BangkokApart from that, if you want to enjoy the beauty and the luxuriousness of the Thai massage, you should be at this destination, because there are many massage parlors located here. Here you will also find many tattoo shops and this is unlike any other place in Bangkok. The area is not only flocked with tourists, but due to its vibrancy the locales also visit here quite often. Taxi is one of the best ways to reach here, but if you want to enjoy the thrill here, you will have to take walk in this road. Whether during the day or night, life is always fresh and fast here.

Baiyoke Tower II:

If you want to visit the tallest towers in Bangkok, you should definitely come to Baiyoke Tower II. This is basically a hotel, as shopping complex as well as a tourist attraction. It is currently the tallest building in Bangkok and the roof deck of the tower is revolving. If you want to get bird’s eye views of the Bangkok skyline, this is one of the most convenient options for you. The building consists of 84 stories and it has two additional basement levels.

Baiyoke Tower II Bangkok 200x300 - Top 10 best places to visit in BangkokThis tower is located in the Pratunam area, and if you want to go to the skywalk which comprises of large windows for viewing, you will have to reach the 77th floor. The height of the building is almost about 309 meters. The views that you get from any room of the hotel will be different from what you experience from the roof top, and this will largely depend on the weather. The tower is open for public from 10:00 am in the morning to 10:00 am in the night. Since the hotel is located at the center of the city, you can easily reach here by taxi.

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Butterfly Garden And Insectarium:

If you are a lover of nature, and want to enjoy some natural views in Bangkok, the ideal option for you is to reach Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. You will have to enter the lofty and huge enclosures with shady ferns, rockeries, cooling waterfall and wild flowers. These things are sufficient enough to form the natural habitat of the insects. Here, you will also find some of the rarest species of butterflies. Over 500 species of butterflies can grace the dome at any given moment. If you are lucky enough you can also take a photograph of the beautiful butterflies and insects here.

This garden is located at Rotfai Gardens and it remains open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm everyday and it remains closed on Mondays. It is situated very close to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. There are, in fact, three different gardens that are located in this area, and you can visit any of these gardens to get a beautiful view of these butterflies. This sanctuary is enclosed in between the Rotfai Gardens and the Queen Sirikit Gardens. Apart from this, you will also find a magnificent and beautiful botanical garden, where you will find beautiful and bright flower beds and old shady trees of some of the rarest species.

Benjasiri Park:

Apart from temples, palaces and beautiful shopping centers, you will find here numerous parks and grounds where greenery sprouts in the midst of the congested roads as well as the high sky scrapers. This park is often referred to as the ‘Queen’s Park’ that was built in the year 1992 to mark the 60th birthday the Queen Sirikrit. The park remains open from 6 am in the morning to 9 pm in the evening, which means that you have plenty of time throughout the day to visit the park.

Apart from being a lover of nature, of you are a lover of architecture, this is a must visit destination for you in Bangkok. Here, you will find several beautiful examples of Thai architecture and sculpture, because these are scattered throughout the park. The centerpiece of this park is of course a beautiful fountain that again show cases the mastery of Mesium Yipinsoy, the famous sculptor. Here, water dance shows are also held daily for three times. Apart from that, you can also enjoy outdoor sport facilities here. At the premise of the garden, you will also find a basketball court, tennis court and outdoor swimming pool.

Chao Phraya River:

This is an urban river that flows in the city of Bangkok. Originally, the river was famous mainly for its fertility, but later the new capital of the city was located along the western coast of the river. Bangkok is however, located on the eastern bank of the river, and some of the most beautiful temples are located along the banks of the river. The addition of the canals at a later date gave it the epithet ‘Venice of the East’. Apart from temples, plenty of hotels and market places have also been built up.

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Chao Phraya River Bangkok 300x198 - Top 10 best places to visit in BangkokPlenty if ferry rides are conducted in the river, and these river boat and ferry rides are open to the public. The wonderful combination of calm and chaotic, traditional and modern, sublime and ugly and indigenous and foreign make the river so popular and attractive as a wonderful tourist spot that you will hardly find anywhere in Bangkok. The road that runs parallel to this river is Phra Arthit Road and this road is lines up with many hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs. Thus, you should definitely visit this spot.

The Grand Palace:

When you are in Bangkok, you should never afford to miss out visiting the Grand Palace. In fact, it is true that your trip to Bangkok will be incomplete without visiting this palace, which is also one of the most renowned historical places in Bangkok as well Thailand. The entire palace is not only grand, but it is also dazzling and spectacular. It is a 150 year old palace and currently it is also the administrative seat of Thailand. The beautiful architecture and the intricate detailing of the palace is the main focus of attraction for the tourists here.

The Grand Palace Bangkok 300x200 - Top 10 best places to visit in BangkokBoth the interior and the exterior of the palace is beautifully decorated that reflect the true symbol of craftsmanship and creativity. The walls of the palace depict Thai state departments, war ministry, and also the mint of the country. This complex is also considered to the spiritual heart of not only Bangkok, but the entire country of Thailand. There are plenty of divisions within the palace and these divisions serve different purposes. All the divisions are however not open to the public, and if you want to visit the palace, you will have to get tickets for entry. The Temple of Emerald is also located within this palace.

Children’s Discovery Museum:

If you are on a trip to Bangkok with your family, you must definitely come to the Children’s Discovery Museum because your children will definitely love the place. If you pay a visit to this museum, you will forget your preconceived notions of a museum. There are so many things to be discovered by your children and this in turn, will encourage your child to learn many things here. There are plenty of interactive displays here, and children can indeed get a unique experience here.

This museum is located close to the Chatuchak Park and is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Tuesday to Friday while on Saturday and Sunday, it is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can reach here from MRT or BTS Chatuchak Station to the weekend market to Chatuchak, turn right and walk for about 10 minutes to see the museum on the left. You can be assured that your children your entire family will definitely enjoy and learn plenty of things here, and there are plenty of creative things to be discovered by your children.

Just get ready to visit Bangkok.

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