Top 10 Destinations For Christmas Celebration

Christmas celebration

When it is the Christmas round the corner you must find out a few destinations where to visit during the holidays and spend a fabulous Christmas with light and music and warm greetings of the people around you. Here are a few of the destinations and you can find out if you would plan to reach out to any one of these places during your holidays.

Santa Park, Finland and the Snow from the foot of the Arctic Circle: The Napapiiri in Europe is often called the Christmas capital and is located at the extreme north of Finland. This is also situated at the foot of the arctic circle and is the ‘true base of the Christmas operation’ of Santa Claus. The visitors flock to this place to enjoy the special celebration of Christmas and the two Santa themed décor makes it an exclusive attraction. The Santa Claus village and the Santa Park are the two places that are decorated keeping the occasion in mind and you will find real reindeers and a lot of Santa’s goodies, a tour with the jolly old man and various workshops are also some added interesting part of the visit.

Exotic Sights and Momentous Shopping experience in Cologne, Germany: The shopping is the main thing that you can splurge and indulge yourself in when you are going to visit Cologne , Germany. The Christmas markets are a specialist and you will find the shopping experience the most unique over there. The mass and the serenity in the church ambience and the beatific smiles on the faces of the people around you will again remind you the occasion and the time of the year is to give. You will then again go back to your shopping to accumulate a lot of gifts for your relatives and friends.

Dazzling and traditional Christmas celebration in San Juan, Puerto Rico: You will be able to spend a cozy and traditional Christmas in San Juan if you love to visit the old decorative arches and the glimmers of light shining from very tall and real palm trees. You must find the crowd that keeps on moving and dancing with the salsa in their ear and this is the way the festivities start and then it rolls to the big day. The celebrations keep on going till the Three Kings Day in January. The Churches and the carols and the merriment of the carolers and the glittering and momentous festivities in the City Hall in Plaza de Armas are going to make you feel the real touch of the festival.

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Heart if Christian Celebration in Bethlehem, West Bank, Israel: The provenance and spirit of Christianity dwells in the birth place of Jesus and it is completely sacred if you find this emotion to be of your liking. The place where the birth of the Son of God happened is now going to give you a spellbinding effect in your mind and you can go for a pilgrimage in those lands to find out its mystical appearance in the happy and ancient face of the city. You will find the Christmas tree, lights and the spirit of the festival all over the city and the St. Cathedral’s  Church will strike at midnight to mark the special time.

Christmas market strolling in snow covered roads in Zurich, Switzerland: You will find the famed mountains with white peaks and the cobbled roads guiding you to the shopping centers in Christmas. These shops are decorated fabulously and offers you marketing scopes with lots of goods. The strolls in the Christmas themed city and the singing Christmas tree and the carols bring in the aura of Christmas to the visitors in the Werdmuhleplatz will give you the right ambience.

Sun, surf and sand in Christmas, Bondi Beach, Australia : The Christmas is all about Snow and lights and Christmas tree but here you will get a Sun and sand and the surfing in the seas instead. The rest is a special feeling during the Christmas with the turkey and the filled up beaches and the backpackers roaming around with a smile on their lips. You will find Bands and the DJ’s singing for the crowd and the festive occasion makes it a heady affair to keep in touch with each other here. You can pack a lot of sunscreen and your swimsuit to spend the Christmas here.

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Morning Swim and the 40 feet of sea water in a pool in Dublin, Ireland: The Catholic Irish people are there to bring in changes in the celebration of Christmas in this city. The early 25th December sees them enjoying the swim in the 40 foot pool that is filled with sea water. The tourists are also welcome to enjoy Christmas in this new way of swimming on Christmas. The streets of the city, the 12 days of marketing for Christmas and the pantos together bring in the flavor of Christmas that is special in the city. St Patrick’s Cathedral with the carols and the ice skating sports and the lights and tunes of Christmas are the things that you will enjoy in the city.

Old World music and flavor in Boston, New York: The exotic blend of New England comfortable coziness and the heart felt spirit of Christmas is felt in the decoration of the city. The way the people find their energy to shop for the biggest festival and for maintaining the holiday mood and the Christmas decorations around the city shows it is the best place to move around while it is Christmas. The smell of the New England Christmas will be felt in the Beacon Hills streets and corners. The gas lamps and the snow dusted lanes and the light and gift wrapped trees in each of the house and the clubs are going to be the sign of the sparkling Christmas ahead.

The blazing bon fires and the Tao city of New Mexico: The city is lighted with Farolitos that are brown paper envelopes that have lighted candles inside and their streets are decorated with these. The galleries or art studios are decorated with different decorative lights and materials. The celebrations are a mixture of the Catholic and the Native Americans way of looking at the festival and the Posadas give a glimpse of Mary and Joseph in the San Fransisco de Asis Church and the Christmas Eve procession are the main things that you will enjoy. The men in deer hide capes and the women in mantas are there to perform the harvest dance in different places.

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Picturesque ruins and the walking path to nowhere in Castleton, England: The English village of Castleton is very much famous for the walking paths through which you can keep walking. The ruins of Norman Castle are another favorite attraction of the tourists. The caverns are found here that has got the brittle and brightening stalagmites and the Stalactites. These are found in caves and the Christmas times see these caves full of carol singing musicians and sing along. The caverns are full of carols and candle lit afternoons with the locals and you will also find the Blue John semi precious stones mined here.

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