Top 10 places to visit in New York

The name New York is itself associated with lots of excitement and attractions, because these are spread everywhere. In fact, it is a dream destination for people across different corners of the world. There are limitless numbers of sightseeing tours that can be carried across New York. Apart from the natural views, there are plenty of historical landmarks found here. Tourism in New York is a great business, and there are plenty of recognizable icons of United States located in the United States. Some of the major shopping destinations of the United States are also located in New York.

If you ever make a plan to visit New York, here is a list of top few attractions that you must not afford to miss out at any cost.


Broadway-New-YorkIf you are a lover of theatre, Broadway is definitely the ideal option for you in New York. In fact, this is the most famous district of theatre in the world and the Broadway shows are famous all over the world. Wide range of productions is held here ranging from the most classic options of “Chicago” to even a new stage production like “Many Poppins.” In fact, a trip to New York will be incomplete without a visit to this theatre district. This district is located in Manhattan and runs through the entire length of Manhattan.

It is also the oldest thoroughfares in the city, and plenty of shows, musical events and dramas are held at different times of the year. The duration of the shows and the availability of the tickets here depend on the popularity of the shows. Therefore, when you come to this theatre district, make sure that you check out the show names, timings and the availability of the tickets. You should also book for the tickets in advance to get the seats in the best position. Make sure that you do not miss out the opportunity to view the shows here.

Statue of Liberty:

Statue of Liberty new yorkThis is one of the seventh wonders of the world, and therefore, if you come to New York, your trip will definitely remain incomplete, if you do not come here. It was designed as a gift of friendship and also represents the universal symbol of democracy and freedom. It will not be difficult for you to visit the statue as a national monument as well as the Immigration Museum of the Ellis Island, located very close to each other. If you visit one, you can definitely visit the other.

You can easily take a ferry ride to the monument from the Battery Park, which is located very near to it. Here, you will find plenty of things to explore ranging from art, architecture and history. When you are here, you will not have to miss visiting the historical halls as well as the famous galleries that are located at the Ellis Island. It is this island with about 12 million immigrants that first entered America. Currently these are closed for renovations till October, but you can still rake a walk around the Statue of Liberty and the museum. You will require ferry tickets to reach the statue and you will also require separate tickets to enter the museum and the see the statue of liberty, as whole.

Times Square:

Times-SquareThis area in New York can be considered to be the heart beat of the city and it attracts large numbers of tourists at different times of the year. In fact, here you will find the perfect representation of the city. In this timeless spot, you will find the real excitement, the glamour, the artistic qualities as well as the independent free-spirit that you will possibly find nowhere else. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the nightlife of New York to its fullest, this is the ideal destination for you.

There are so many bars, restaurants and night clubs located in this area that you will understand the reason for which New York comes alive during the night. This is also the major commercial intersection in the area of Midtown Manhattan. The entire street is quite huge, and there are many restaurants and shopping centers located in this area. Plenty of celebrations and events are also held here, and this is one of the major points of attraction for the tourists.

Central Park:

This park is well known as the first public park in America, and today, it is one of the largest parks in Manhattan area. The central park is located in such a way, so that it divides the upper parts of Manhattan into two different sides. If you are here with your family for a relaxing trip, a stroll in the park in the midst of nature will indeed be amazing experience for you. Here, you will find many treasures like the Strawberry Fields, with a tribute to a musician, John Lennon. You will also get a view of the towers of Belvedere Castle, which is just located beside the park.

A walk during the evening can reveal a great experience, and can also reveal the beauties of natural setting. You will also find landscapes with edges of stones, and these are filled with soft flakes. The booming plants that you will find at the conservatory Gardens of the park are also very impressive. Plenty of recreational activities also keep on taking place throughout the year, and you can always participate in these activities. Therefore, you should definitely find out time to visit this park located besides the natural surroundings, and the best thing is entry is absolutely free here.

Top Of The Rock:

Top-of-the-Rock-View - New YorkIf you want to get one of the most impressive views of New York City, you should definitely visit the Rock Observation Deck. This is located on the 67th, 69th, 70th floors of the Plaza of Rockfeller. The breathtaking views that you will experience here will always be different and unique. The excitement will begin when you start from the ground floor, and you will be impressed with the dazzling bring crystal chandelier. Apart from that, you will also get the opportunity to explore the rich art, architecture and history of the Plaza. Following this, you will be taken for a thrilling ride to the top, with spectacular views from all the three stories.

Nothing can be better than finding the romantic visage of the twinkling stars, and this is the reason for which it is open till midnight. Therefore, at the end of the day, you can always think of exploring the entire view of this beautiful city above the glittering lights of the city right below your feet. It is currently the most attractive destination and you can always reach the plaza by road from your accommodation at the city. Just make sure that you enjoy this unique experience.

Radio City Music Hall:

Radio City Music Hall - New YorkThis hall offers the best entertaining theatre in the New York City. Since 1930s, this timeless testament has entertained large numbers of tourists from different corners of the world. You will definitely miss out something important if you do not come here. The Rockettes, the best dance Troups has filled the heart of the Americans since ages, and no other troupe will possibly be able to hold such a high esteem like them. If you come here, you will get an inside view of this entertainment venue in New York.

Whether you are a lover of theater, history or entertainment, the stage door of the hall is definitely very attractive and it will impress you a lot. A guided tour will also enable you to learn about the genesis of the hall and the legendary dancing troupe. Apart from that, you will also be able to explore the secrets of the Great Stage with some of the finest interior art decors, as well as production areas. You will also be able to view the amazing art collections, and can also get the opportunity to meet the world famous troupe. You can also grab the amazing photo opportunity.

Carnegie Hall Tour:

The magic of the world famous concert hall can be shared if you come for a guided tour to this hall. In fact, your entire trip to New York might be dedicated to this tour if you are really keen for it. There are so many different things to explore here that you will really love the tour. The collection of some of the best restaurants, the educational museum as well as the gift shops is really impressive in and around the Carnegie Hall. The hall was saved from destruction in 1960 and it was renovated in the year 1986.

It is also considered to be one of the most premiere concert halls in the USA, which is also considered to be a national institution. When you reach here, you will get the opportunity to discover the musical legacy of the age old century left by some of the most renowned artists of the world. You will be able to take a view of this hall from various points, while the guide will explain you the story behind this hall. You will also discover the exact features where these halls stand unique. Your tour will come to an end in the museum and the shop.

Empire State Building:

Empire State Building New yorkThis is one of the tallest buildings in the world and the construction of the building was completed in the year 1931. Today, it is one of the most visited spots by the tourists. In fact, in 1986, it was also declared as the National Historic Landmark. The building is located in the heart of Manhattan in a full city block. There are two observation decks, and visitors can take an elevator to reach the observation decks. This observation deck is located in the 86th floor and is open to large numbers of elements. You can also take a motion stimulator ride to get a stimulated view of the area.

When you are at this state building, you will experience a real thrill and excitement. It takes almost a quarter of mile above the fifth avenue, and the excellent panoramic views of the area that you will get across the avenues, rooftops and the byways of the metropolitan areas of New York and the surrounding states will definitely amaze you. It remains open on all days of the week, and make sure that before visiting the building, you take your ticket for getting admission into the 86th floor.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum:

This is one of the most famous wax museums in the world, where you will be able to take picture with one of the wax statues of your favorite stars. In fact, till date, it is one of the best visited places in New York, and therefore, you should also not miss out an opportunity to visit the wax accurate figures. Here, you can come and play with wax. You will also be able to dance, laugh, sing and play with your favorite star of the television. This museum is conveniently located right at the heart of the Times Square.

More than 200 celebrities from different parts of the world have their figures in wax, and therefore, you will be able to get a unique experience like never before. This will give you an experience for a lifetime. From Monday to Thursday, you can visit here within 10:00 am to 8:00 pm while on Fridays and Saturdays and especially on the peak time, the museum remains open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Make sure that you book the tickets in advance in order to avoid the rush in the availability of the tickets.

Dead Sea Scrolls:

If you want to take an archeological survey of the Holy Land, you shall go for the Dead Sea Scrolls. You can take a fascinating journey into this land, and here you will find some of the rarest features of the scrolls of Dead Sea. You will be able to see a stone from the western wall and also from the second temple in Jerusalem. Apart from that, you will also get the opportunity to view more than about 500 artifacts from the biblical times that you have never seen before.

Apart from that, you will also get the opportunity to experience the first hand tradition, iconic objects and beliefs of the ancient Israel that still create a great impact on the entire world. You will require tickets in order to view these surveys and the timing for visiting these rarest items here is from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. You will be provided with a guided tour with an explanation of the history of the religion.

There are indeed many more things that you will find in New York, and therefore, your trip will definitely one of the most memorable in your life.

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