Top Places to visit in Venice

Venice is one among the Italy’s most popular tourist destinations. The place is known for its canals, lack of cars and historic buildings. While the activities are associated with Venice, like taking gondola cruise on the legendary canals, it can be bit expensive, there are a plenty of free spaces, equally exciting alternatives. In fact, as long you avoid the tourist oriented boat trips, it is easy to find great attractions that do not cost a single Euro.

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Saint Mark Square

This is a public space situated in the heart of Venice. It is known that tourists and locals often refer to it as The Piazza, even though there are many other Piazzas in Venice. The square is lined with historical buildings like St. Mark’s Basilica, the Clock Tower and a long multi story building with arch like windows. Another popular destination is the flock of pigeons that inhabits the square. The most stunning place is Saint Mark’s Square and most people don’t know that a smaller adjoining square has more attractive views of the lagoon and the historic buildings that surround it.

Rialto Bridge

This historic bridge is situated in Grand Canal, which is the central waterway in Venice. It was built in the 16th century, it is a beautiful attraction, though most people come here to visit the historic buildings that line it. Rialto has been an important retail district for more than 1000 years. Here the produce and fish markets operate in the area near the bridge.


This wide waterfront promenade area is situated in the Dorsodro District, which is mainly residential area outside Central Venice. The eateries and café make this place a good place in the evening, and the views are stunning like any other waterfront spot in Venice. Zaterre is less crowded than more tourist stretches


Like other Catholic cities around the world, Venice celebrates the carnival called as Carnevale in Italian before the beginning of the Easter season. Instead of scantily dressed dancers, Venetians mark the festival by donning masks and costumes. Mask parades take place in the week. Boat parades, fireworks and other forms of entertainment are part and parcel of the festivities.

Campo Santa Margherita

The square is nondescript, however it is one of the convenient places to find the real Venice. It is located in the residential area Dorsoduro district it can be reached on foot from Central Venice, but has a local feel. In the evening, vendors open up street stalls and local people fill the square to relax and socialize.



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