Tour de Singkarak 2012 And West Sumatera Tourism

Tour de Singkarak 2012

Tour de Singkarak 2012 1 - Tour de Singkarak 2012 And West Sumatera Tourism

International cycling race Tour de Singkarak return will uncover the hidden beauty of West Sumatra province. Bukit Barisan verdant landscape is still dominated by the natural virgin communal land rights (customary) and will witness how the 250 riders from various countries to exert all their ability to compete with each other quickly. That foreign riders will also be treated to the local indigenous cultures look at each stage and sample the delicious variety of cuisine typical of West Sumatra, may be one of them is rendang is touted as the most delicious food in the world.

Tour de Singkarak take place on June 4 to 10, 2012, through seven stages to reach the 854 km distance. Route through which the cover 14 districts / cities in West Sumatra, namely: the city of Padang, Sawahlunto, Sijunjung District, District 50 City, Payakumbuh, Tanah Datar, Bukittinggi, Agam district, the city of Padang Panjang, Solok, Solok City, Pariaman District, City of Pariaman, and South Coastal District.

Tour de Singkarak race participants as in previous years, this time also enlivened the drivers from various countries including 18 international teams (250 riders from 17 countries), namely: Japan, Iran, Singapore, Australia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Taipei, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Brunei, New Zealand, France, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia as the host course.

The 18 foreign teams will perform, is: Aisan Racing Team, Azad University, Cross Team, Continental OCBC Singapore Cycling Team, Genesis Wealth Advisers, Pro Cycling Team, Team Suren Uzbekistan, Eddy Hollands Bicycle Services, Tabriz Petrochemical Team, Action Cycling Team , Plan B Racing Team, CCN Cycling Team (ACT), Colossi Miche Team, Australian National Team, Pro Trengganu, Japan Cycling Federation, Pre Black Racing Team, and Budget Forklifts. Meanwhile, Indonesia as the host will include seven teams, namely: Polygon Sweet Nice, Araya, Son Struggle, Public Penyetan Sego, Custom Cycling Club, New Club Pessel Binong, and West Sumatra.

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For the success of such a prestigious event, this year’s Tour de Singkarak again supported PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), which lend the car to use 30 units of participating teams. The vehicles include 25 units of Grand Max Mini Bus and 3 units 2 units Luxio who accompanied Daihatsu Car Service.

Grand Max is considered appropriate for a variety of routes through the Tour de Singkarak where the terrain is generally streets in West Sumatra is up and down but the surface is smooth. In addition, this type of family vehicle with sliding doors (sliding) and has a wide cabin space. All vehicles to support this race dressed in a white sticker Tour de Singkarak 2012 orange-red and the name of each participating team.

Symbolic handover support vehicle was conducted on Saturday afternoon (2/6) of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) is represented by Research and Development Executive Officer of ADM, Pradipto Sugondo, the Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy represented by Director of Tourism Promotion of the Interior, the Directorate General of Pemasara tourism, M. Faried Moertolo. The ceremony took place at the outlet PT Astra International Tbk, Daihatsu Sales Operation (AI-DSO), at Jalan Sulaiman Khatib No. 101, the city of Padang.

The election of ADM in the Tour de Singkarak once again confirms Government confidence and commitment to support the event Daihatsu Tour de Singkarak 2012. Earlier, at the last Tour de Singkarak 2011, ADM is also believed to be the mode of supporting this bike race. ADM became part of the support pillars of CSR Daihatsu, which is “Healthy Together Daihatsu “. It also welcomes the birthday-105 years (1907).

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Faried Moertolo expressed in his speech that the Tour de Singkarak is the promotional activity that is closely related to the tourism business, one of which is the privilege mode of supporting the tour and travel. Transport linkages to the domestic tourism was close. Wisnus own spending by 42% was allocated to transportation. From these data, the automotive industry has duly taken the opportunity to develop its business wing.

Besides ADM, other automotive companies that also contribute to the Tour de Singkarak 2012, namely PT Hino Indonesia and PT Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia. Support provided for the first time from this form of lending HINO Truck unit 4 and 8 MD minibus to support Tour de Singkarak. Truck vehicles will be used to transport bicycles, while bringing the group’s minibus for VIP and media.

Gradually Tour de Singkarak activities are expected to bear the impact multiplier effect in West Sumatra, especially the economy through tourism covering hospitality, transportation, culinary, crafts, and tourism destination. For the people of West Sumatra alone, this mega event will provide a positive impact on various economic activities in the vicinity of the route Tour de Singkarak 2012. Reported by direct observation before the event Tour de Singkarak through Sunday afternoon (3/6) snacks and crafts purchased from many visitors, and hotels in Padang is full.

Sawahlunto itself which hosted the opening and the first stage of Tour de Singkarak 2012 race enthusiastically welcomed this. Hotels and lodging of a limited number in this city filled with no remaining ascertained. Triangle park is the town square and the square became the center of the opening of the joint House Arts Centre Sawahlunto already crowded with people from 12 noon to want to see and welcome all participants of the Tour de Singkarak 2012. Participants own departure from Padang to use automobiles to Padang Panjang then went by train to the station Solok Mak Itam. Next all participants switch modes with four-wheel vehicles to arrive in Sawahlunto.

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