Tourism in Haryana

Haryana signifies abode of Hari or Vishnu. What makes this place special is its history. Here are a few places that may entice you.

haryana - Tourism in Haryana

Rohtak- It is also known as political capital of Haryana. It is prominent for its Medical college and University. What makes this place eye candy destination for tourists are ancient temples and parks.

Here’s a sneak peek on top tourist destinations in the Rohtak


I am not a staunch believer of the God, but my wife is, so to impress her we started our journey by offering prayers to the God. Here’s the list of temples that I visited

Durga Bhawani Mandir- When I entered the temple, I started to identify my fears, and I discovered internal peace. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Durga. A huge number of devotees visit this place at the auspicious time of navaratis. On this festival, the temple is adorned with lights and daily prayers are offered.

How to reach Mandir- The temple is well connected by local transport like auto rickshaw, buses, cabs, cycle rickshaws, and local taxis. Also, private and HSRTC buses operate at frequent intervals.

Dini Mosque- The next place I visited was Dina Mosque, it truly depicts abundance of Muslim architecture. There was an underground takhna that was prohibited for the public entry.  But the place reminded us of old archetype building surrounded with carved arches.

Jam Masjid- This is my favorite place not because I am a Punjabi, but this place provide me to look inward and discover inner peace. It was a place where I strived to achieve equanimity in the face of highs and lows. Basically, this historic mosque was converted into Gurduwara years ago. The religious sanctity of this place can’t be undermined.

Shiv Mandir- The next temple where we offered our prayers was Shiv Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.  The large influx of tourists visits this place on the occasion of Shivratri. The temple is adorned and prayers are offered by tourists in large number.

Once, I was done with the regular prayers, I moved ahead with my beloved to tranquil lakes. These places are relished and enjoyed by me the most.

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The first lake that I encountered was Bhindwas Lake- the Lake is a major tourist spot for all bird lovers. It sprawled over an area of about 1000 km and is the largest wetland of the state. The lake is spread across 12 km and the major attraction is the Sanctuary. Earlier the area was used primarily as an agricultural land, but in 1985 the lake was declared as Mansarovar Wild Life Sanctuary.

How to reach Bhindwas Lake- the Lake is located 5kms away from the city.    But the area is well connected with local taxis, cabs, auto rickshaws, and private and HSRTC operated buses.

Gaokaran Tank– It is one of my favorite places; the picturesque is so beautiful that one can’t resist appreciating this place. The three ghats surround the lake where worshippers visit to proffer prayers to Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Parvati. The temples are built in the premises of the tank. Another reason why I love this place is because my children are fond of a park that exists near the tank.

Tilyar Lake– Tilyar Lake is an eye candy destination in Rohtak. It is spread across 20 acres which is shrouded by shrubs and forests all around the place. The place is eminent for adventure sports like Kayaking and Boating. Truly! It was a lovely place commencing from restaurant, zoo, shops and Children Park all were amazing. The spectacular and splendid view at night made the place really attractive and eye catching.

Now, the next turn was to impress and refurbish my children, so we decided to visit the picnic spots. Here’s the list of most eminent picnic spots of Rohtak

Bapu Bagh Park– the Bapu Bagh Park was known by the name of D park because of its shape.  The park is sprawled across an area of 1 acre, and the major tourist attraction for children and walkers is the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, an embodiment of peace, truth and Ahimsa.

Mansarovar Park– The park is an attraction to local residents, children and walkers. The beautiful trees, lush green garden, and soft grass make this place serene and wonderful.

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After visiting such luscious gardens and serene places, my wife insisted that this experience should also shed some insight on children, so we decided to visit museums. Candidly, speaking children were just an excuse; my wife is just crazy for museums and other archetype things like conventional architecture, historic masterpiece, etc.

Baba Mast Nath Math– the Baba Mast Nath Math is the most ancient and eminent place of Nath sect, belonging to Kanphada yogis. The Math is believed to be the most pious and sanctified place. The flame burnt with wood provides a lot of harmony to pilgrims. And last but not the least, the place acts as a stress buster.

Baoli of Giani Chor– The Baoli of Giani Chor is an ancient tunnel in Rohtak. With ravages of time, this place has now become a dry pond, and the tunnel has become invisible. What attracts tourists to this place is Mughal skills and craftsmanship. Truly an applaudable place!

Bohar Monastery– The Bohar Monastery is a Buddhist shrine, which is known for its peace and serenity. The architecture represents competency and proficiency of Buddhists. Idols of Buddha’s are worshipped by the pilgrims. Truly, this shrine pleases every visitor.

Gurduwara Bangla Sahib– Gurduwara Bangla Sahib is located on the Jind Road- Rohtak. It is dedicated to ninth Sikh guru Guru Tegh Bahadur. This place serves sweet water to the pilgrims. Occasions like Sikh festivals are celebrated with passion and enthusiasm. Guru’s langar (food) is served to the pilgrims. At this time, many devotees participate and provide their services. The feeling that comes is ausim. When I was a child, I used to chop ginger, garlic, onion and served food to many people, but now the things have changed, my children don’t like to do it. Anyway, it was the best experience for me and my wife.

Khokar Fort– The Khokar Fort is a major forte of Rohtak. It was believed to be most spectacular and splendid fort of its era. But now the most splendid forts of its era have been ruined. However, the visitors do visit this area to see the remnants of the architecture of the era.

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Samadhi Sadhashiv Rao Bhau-The Samadhi of Sadhashiv Rao Bhau is located in Sanghi village.  Sadhashiv Rao Bhau was commander in chief of Maratha, who fought Third Battle of Panipat with valor and extra ordinary courage. The Samadhi is visited by many people and it reminds us of Battle of Panipat where innumerable Maratha soldiers were killed.

After having such an exhaustive day, we had wheat and bajrey roti with Paneer (Cheese). The major turn off was Ghee that was used in abundance. Chaaj and Buttermilk really gave a cool effect in hot summer. We knew that food in Haryana is incomplete without Katchi Lassi, so we drank that too.

Although my children went for Pizzas and fast food, yet I and my wife went for traditional Haryanvi food like Pethe ki Sabji, bajre ki khichri and rabri. We relished our food with pickles made from fruits. Other foods worth trying are Kachri ki Sabzi, Hara Dhania Cholia, Kadhi Pakora, Bathua Raita, Bajra Aloo Roti, Tamatar Chutney, Mithe Chawal, Bhura Roti with Ghee, Kheer, Mithe Chawal, Churma, Malpuas and Besan Masala Roti with makhan. Dal is not taken as daily vegetable unlike in U.P where Dal is considered as a staple diet.

Due to its proximity with Punjab, Haryana shares the common cuisine. What makes them apart is Haryanvi’s love for milk and milk products.

Truly, stress makes you want to escape, to run away from the situation, but this trip refreshed my mind and spirit. People react to pressure in different ways; some revel in it and some may take a stride, but I dealt my stress in a unique way. Now I am not fighting against call of my body and exhausted mind.

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