Tours In The Pantanal, The Exuberant Nature Of Brazil


Pantanal - Tours In The Pantanal, The Exuberant Nature Of Brazil

Speaking of the nature of Brazil, one thinks inevitably to the Amazon, the largest rainforest in the world and with the wider ecosystem, real green lung of the planet despite a multitude of environmental damage done to his property. But in his great immensity of Brazil, Italy extended 28 times, also includes another pearl of nature, less famous but no less important than the Amazon basin. This is the Pantanal, a floodplain in the western half of the country as big as France and continues to some extent in the neighboring states of Bolivia and Paraguay, could occupy a significant portion of the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do South

During the rainy season, from October to March, the Rio Paraguay and its dense network of tributaries from the surrounding mountains are full, accompanied by two thirds and a maximum of 3 m of water this sedimentary basin, the bottom of an ancient water first and then a lake, creating the largest freshwater wetland inside the earth and causing an extraordinarily unique ecosystem rich in biodiversity, almost unique in the world. In this period, the domestic and the wild fauna is concentrated in a few strokes raised not flooded.

After the rainy season the waters begin to recede, coming into rivers, lakes, lagoons and marshes in perennials, and remove sets of allowing the life in all its exuberance. Needless to say, such conditions have never allowed any exploitation of this huge region, limiting the human presence to some ranches for extensive farming of cattle and horses, while most of the territory is one of the largest and most pristine wilderness of South America, an ecosystem with many species of flora and fauna of the earth, so that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve.

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The luxuriant vegetation of 1,700 plants, offers a mixture of savannah, forests, grasslands and caatiga, with spectacular blooms terrestrial and aquatic. The mammal species include unusual for us as many capybara, rodents of maximum size, ocelot, jaguar, puma, armadillo, anteater, tapir, opossums, raccoons, wild dogs, peccaries, howler monkeys, but also deer, foxes, jackals and otters. Reptiles are dominated by the presence of tens of millions of caimans or alligators, crocodiles size slightly lower in each pond, iguanas, turtles as well as harmless by huge anacondas.

The birds, with 650 species, offer a diversity of shapes, colors and songs, ranging from the stork, the black hood, almost as tall as a man, the tiny hummingbird, with beautiful color examples such as toucans, kingfishers and parrots (including the now very rare hyacinth macaws, object of desire of every birdwatcher but unfortunately many of the poachers), until the proud driven by prey fish eagle, is one of the most important breeding areas for waterfowl and there we find the greatest concentration of land large wading birds.

The waters teem with fish from hungry piranhas to giant catfish weighing 80 kg, so that it becomes a paradise for fishermen. For the remarkable natural diversity, and the significant concentration of wildlife, the Pantanal is one of the best places in the world to see wild animals of different species so much, on land, sky and water. In fact, if the animals are hiding in the Amazon in the dense forest, the huge open spaces here offer easy sightings. As some argue, in the Amazon are the sounds of nature, nature is seen in the Pantanal.

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For large companies, and its geographical and environmental characteristics, it is not easy to visit the Pantanal, with the choice of one summer, when the day is hot but the nights are temperate. Although it may seem strange, much of the land is privately owned, used for raising huge herds of cattle driven by modern cowboys brasileri, with two national parks, however, forbidden to tourists. You can fly light aircraft, landing in a few tourist facilities, you can navigate the rivers and lakes on boats equipped, or you can go off road the only road that goes into the Transpantaneira, a battered dirt banked with countless 145 km long bridge quiver, which offers the undoubted vantaggii to penetrate and touch a bit ‘all the different habitats, from the street allowing several significant sightings. The rest you can do with hiking, boating, day and night, starting from the structures where it dwells, bearing in mind that the best time to observe the animals are sunrise and sunset, are capable of giving too best light. Not to mention absolutely in luggage, in addition to repellent, a good pair of binoculars and a telephoto lens.

The operator of Milan “The Travels of Maurice Levi” (tel. 02 34 93 45 28 ), specializing in environmental discovery trails, proposed as a new 17-day tour dedicated to ‘exploring the Pantanal and another unappreciated gem environmental Brazilian Chiapada Diamantina National Park in the state of Bahia , a set of mountains and forests with rivers, waterfalls (including a 420 m high, the largest of Brazil ), natural pools, caves , underground lakes and unique vegetation in the heart of the sertao, the arid tropical region in the Northeast. Group monthly departures from July to September 2012, the overnights with full board in comfortable inns and lodges, escort from Italy, from 3,200 euros in shares and double flights from 970 euros plus taxes.

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