Travel tips on How to go to Africa

Undoubedtly, South Africa is a place that is enveloped by natural beauty and astonishing landcape. But when you are in a foreign land, you need to gain a deep insight on the tips that make your stay comfortable. Here are some tips that you need to know when travelling to Africa

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Take a bag– Gone are the conventional days when suitcases were in fashion, now it’s the time to pack a single bag with a room for computer, camera and other necessary items.

Pack minimum– No doubt, you may be tempted to pack everything, but it is necessary to pack less and travel light.

A power Bar– Usually, you can find culinary delights wherever you go, however it is in your best interest to carry a power bar that perks up your energy level and this handy item assures you won’t get a stomach bug.

Carry USB Devices– It is an antidote for all techies. This device can be used to transfer the information, applications and pictures. However, don’t use this device on public computer, as it can be dangerous for your computer system.

Paperbacks– The paperbacks are handy and it is a preferred choice when travelling, so use it at your own advanatage.

Mobile Phones– There are two options Firstly, you can buy a  cheap phone when you go there and buy a local SIM card or just a buy a local SIM card when you get there. If you travel to multifarious country then the option can be B and if you are terrified of being robbed or manipulated go for option A.

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Negotiate– If you are really interested to get a good deal, then it is highly recommendedto negotiate with the first seller irrespective of services or product. Another thing is not to buy a product from the first seller instead figure out and haggle harder with the next shopkeeper or a merchant. Don’t get ripped off is the main mantra.

Camera– Camera relives the old memory, so it is in your best interest to buy a durable waterproof camera. It is sugegsted to buy a camera with AA battery.

 Spread the Money– Don’t carry all your money in just a single place. It isn’t good for the security reasons and for bargaining purposes too. It is suggested to carry varying amounts of cash in 3 different spots and know the amounts, so that you pull out accordingly.

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