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If you want to enjoy the real beauty of nature then a visit to North East India is a must visit. It consists of 7 places and it is also called as Seven Sisters. North East India has some of the real surprises. You can wind and loose yourself in its charismatic magic.

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Here are some must visit places in North East India

Although it is very difficult to select a particular destination or activity that you should do in North east India, yet there are things that you should miss at any cost. For example, sipping a hot tea cup in Assam tea gardens or watching one horned Rhino at Kaziranga or enjoying the rains in Cheerapunji and lots more. Let’s have a look

Assam Tea Garden

Once neglected beverage is now become the most prominent drink of world and India is the largest producer. There are around 400 million kgs of tea per year that comes from Assam. It contributes more than half of total countries per production. Tea is a crucial part of amiable Assamese people as well as the world. People start their day with a steaming cup of brew and take it at regular intervals for refreshing mood. In India, guests are welcomed by offering a cup of tea. In Assam the traditional way to taste the brew is in Bell Matel Bowl also called as Banbati.

Tea gardens are great for a holiday trip. Exquisite and incredibly silent tea gardens are bliss for eyes. It is mainly located in the upper Assam and southern Barak valley region. Serene and smiling tea gardens are the major tourist attractions. You can enjoy the lush greenery of the undulating tea gardens on both sides of the highway while driving to different tea gardens is an exhilarating sightseeing spot.

Trekking in Sikkim

Sikkim Trekking is a placid travel situation located at an altitude of 6,800 fr from the sea level. Sikkim attracts most of the visitors for its glorious history, nature and culture. Sikkim Trekking, the laid back scenic beauty offers a magnificent view of the snow-capped mountains Khangchendzonga.

Sikkim Trekking in Sikkim is an ideal gateway for tourists as its vicinity has several waterfalls, soft trek routes, villages and soothing atmosphere for discerning travelers. High above forest covered hills, there is an amphitheater of clouds, snow and rock.


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So, book a tour to Assam and Sikkim and make the most of the holidays.

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